Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter this year was pretty chill. It was a rough week health-wise, and by Sunday morning, all three of us were feeling under the weather. But we still managed to make it a great holiday! We fit in all the  easter-y traditions: coloring eggs, searching for hidden easter baskets, an egg hunt, and a full easter dinner with ham, potatoes, and of course, family!

But most importantly, we were able to set aside some time and some thoughts for our Savior, the whole reason behind this beautiful celebration. Everything good in my life is because of Him. I know that He lives. We sat down on Easter morning, and watched this video about the Savior's life and resurrection. It was a beautiful tribute and account of that most important event; how grateful I was to spend a beautiful spring sunday celebrating his life, his sacrifice, and his resurrection!

And of

We colored eggs with our good friends, the Goodmans, and had a blast. At some point it was decided that the person who colored the best egg would win a prize, and things got pretty competitive. In the end, we put all the eggs in front of Rae and let her pick one out. She took her responsibility very seriously and ended up picking one of Joel's eggs. He got the biggest chocolate milkshake as a reward. Rae ended up dropping the egg a few times after she picked it, so unfortunately it got ruined. 
Cute Carly was just a few days shy of having her baby in this pic! Little Miss Emery made her appearance by Easter!
the winning egg is on the top left! notice the cracks :)
Rae after she picked the winning egg // Later in the night...cuddled up to her buddy, Carly (i promise she was happy...just tired). 
all the eggs in their colorful glory! we're pretty good, huh?!

Easter can tell that Rae wasn't feeling 100% in these pics. But she's cute nonetheless! 

Even though we were feeling down, we wanted to make it to church. We got all dressed up, and 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave Rae had a meltdown, I had a horrible cough-attack, and Garrett...well he was overwhelmed with trying to take care of his girls, and he was showing the beginning signs of getting sick. Needless to say, we didn't quite make it. But I made sure we snapped a quick picture in our Easter best. 
we were all feeling pretty crummy in this pic, if you can't tell. 

After a restful afternoon and a bunch of medicine, we made our way to Gilbert to Garrett's Aunt Laura's house. There, Rae got to have an easter egg hunt, we ate a delicious Easter dinner, and we played games and laughed with family. It was a perfect Easter evening!

Feeling a little better, we attempted another Easter family pic:

And that concludes the documentation of Easter 2014. It was a great day, spent with family and counting our blessings.

Over and out.

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