Friday, April 18, 2014

in other news

Sigh. We are sick again. And by 'we' I really mean me and baby. And by 'baby' I mean the one inside of me, not the one outside of me, luckily.

This pregnancy would be so so so much more manageable if I could just stop. getting. sick.

With Rae, I had morning sickness until about 20 weeks, but it was never too out of control. This time around, my morning sickness was out of control until exactly 12 weeks, and then it stopped. But since then, I've had a mixture of ailments, stacked one after another. First I had carpel tunnel, then I got the worst allergies of my life followed by a nasty cold, followed by what felt like the flu, then I got a debilitating sunburn, and now I have a nasty cold again.

I believe what they say about your immune system being down when you are pregnant. And I swear, if I could just get one solid night's sleep (without having to pee 80 times), I could kick this thing. But oy, it's a vicious cycle.

I called my doctor last time I was sick, and they gave me the 'suck it up' speech. Which, all I really want to to do is punch them in the face when that happens. Apparently I get violent when I'm sick, pregnant, and surviving on little to no sleep. Holler.

In other news, Rae is big into kissing her boo-boo's these days, and today she tripped and bonked her head. It wasn't a bad bonk, but watching her try to figure out how to kiss her forehead elicited a mean laughing/coughing attack from me. It was worth it.

In other other news, Garrett took his big test last Friday and can I get hallelujah for that being over?! The weekend was pretty much the best. We packed a whole lot of nothing into two beautiful days, and just enjoyed our time together. I very much like having that G Frame around.

And to end, last night, as I was laying in bed with red puffy eyes and tissues pretty much stuffed up my nose, G walked in, smiled, and said, "You are so beautiful." Which made me simultaneously laugh, cry, and punch him in the arm (i wasn't kidding about that violent thing...:/).

p.s. this is how i found Rae yesterday morning. she was totally stuck, and i was dying laughing. that girl brings so much joy and happiness into our lives.

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