Monday, April 07, 2014

take me out to the ball game

A few weekends ago we got together with some of our best buddies here in AZ and crashed a spring training game. I'm not going to lie, baseball is cool, for sure, but it's just not a sport that I've ever really been able to get into. I wish I could say otherwise...I just have a hard time paying attention. So....when I say that we went to a spring training game...I really mean that we sat on the grass near a baseball field, ate yummy food, and chatted. It was a total blast! Maybe we'll make a tradition of which case, I promise to try watching at least one pitch next time.
^Rae was quite pooped by the end of the game. And we look a little red...but I promise we didn't get an ounce of sunburn.^
 ^It was a little warm that day, and Rae found herself sitting in the shade of this sign for most of the game. I couldn't help but snap a pic of that girl....isn't she the cutest?!^^
^Me and Carly....she and her 'full-term' bump braved the heat with us! So glad about that!^
^The time it took me to take this picture pretty much sums up the total seconds I spent watching baseball...feeling a little guilty about it.^

Even though I didn't pay much attention, I still loved feeling the energy of just being at a baseball game, picnicking on the grass, laughing with good friends, and trying to resist buying an $8 frozen lemonade. Does it get any more American?! We ended our outing at Sonic for happy hour slushies! It was a Saturday well spent!

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