Thursday, April 10, 2014

that one time

I feel like when I'm pregnant I lose my motivation to blog...and cook, clean, or do anything even slightly productive. Nevertheless, some blog-worthy things have happened lately that I wanted to document. So, I present to you, That One Time:

  • That one time I woke up to Garrett leaned in close to my ear saying "Ha! Ha! Ha!" in the most snotty tone, like he had just proven me super wrong or something. It was nearly 4 in the morning and he was clearly sleep-talking, but that didn't stop me from hitting him. Just because you're asleep doesn't mean you can give me attitude, dude. (This was last night...and we've both been laughing about it all day. G is in denial that he did anything, but I am 100% certain that the whole story went down just like I said.)
  • That one time that the waffle truck came to our neck of the woods and we spent way too much money on waffles that were seriously worth every single penny!
  • That one time I was deathly ill last week....One morning I seriously just slept on the couch while Rae watched cartoons (for like 4 hours...don't judge). Once or twice I woke up to her leaning in close to me with a sweet/concerned look, piling tissues on my face. She was seriously the sweetest little helper....either that or I had some serious snotage going on. 
another time i woke up to find that she had made herself quite comfortable on the floor!
and another from when i was sick....such a sweet girl i have.
  • That one time when Rae and I were at story time at the library last week, this little 3 or 4-year old boy mooned the whole class. I don't think he was aware that he was showing off his hiney to everyone, and luckily his dad jumped up and stopped it pretty quick. But still, we all got a good laugh. 
  • That one time that I got carpel tunnel in my hand from crocheting. I couldn't lift Rae for nearly two days. Also, tylenol shouldn't even be considered medicine. Sick/injured while pregnant? Sorry sista, you're SOL.
  • That one time that I seriously just keep wanting to round up my pregnancy timeline. "Oh, yesterday was my 17 week mark? Sooooo basically I'm 18 weeks....which is pretty much half way....Sssssoooo 20 weeks!? I'm 20 weeks! Holla!"
obvi this is a couple weeks old :)
  • That one time that I made homemade pancakes and homemade syrup for breakfast and after a couple bites G exclaimed, "These are the best pancakes I've ever had. Ever." And just like that, the last 18-week drought of home-made cooking was made up least in my book.
  • That one time that I was seriously soooooo anxious to give birth again (seriously, LOVED it last time), and then I somehow happened to google pics of birth the other day, and I was no-joke gagging. Yikes, isn't that horrible of me? The emotions and the support is beautiful, and I love nothing more than documented reactions of meeting your little one. But these were like pictures of babies being born...ya know, from that angle. And I was dying. It's seriously just not my thing. Sorry. 
  • That one time I sat at the pool for maybe an hour and my whole back got sooooo sunburned. An hour?! Pregnancy hormones make your skin more vulnerable, and this AZ sun is no was a deadly combination for me.
worth it for this cute pic of my girl?! (thankfully I slathered her up with sunscreen)
  • That one time we went to the zoo last week, and one of the turtles was giving another turtle a 'piggy-back ride'.......(am I soooo immature?!).
  • That one time that I was finally able to put pig-tails in Rae's hair. Oh my gosh I was fainting out of adoration all day! 
  • That one time that Garrett spent months studying his buns off for a huge licensing test.....the test is tomorrow! Dun dun dun! So excited to get my husband back, and soooo praying that he does well! 
And....I think that's all. 



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  1. hahahaha I'm laughing out loud in class right now. I love your blogs. And I miss you guys!


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