Thursday, May 22, 2014

a year in AZ!

This month marks our 1 year-aversary in Arizona. It's so crazy to think of the list of things that have happened in this last year, since arriving!
Because I can't help but document it all out, here's that list: 
-G started his new job.
-We bought a car.
-Drove to Idaho and back twice.
-Rae turned 1 and learned how to walk, run, and talk.
-We bought a house!
-Flew to Dallas, twice
-And we found out that we are expecting another sweet little baby! 
It's been a really big, and really eventful year for us!

I remember driving the long drive from Provo to Phoenix, with our little car packed full of stuff and Garrett following behind in a U-haul. I had bronchitis and Rae was starting to get a mean little cough. I spent that 10 hour drive wondering and worrying about how the next year of our lives would pan out. What if Garrett hated his job? What if we regretted not getting his masters right away? Is the AZ heat really that bad? Did I pick a good apartment for us to live? Are the people cool in AZ? Will I be able to make any friends? What if this was too far from family? What if we hated Arizona, in general?! 

I can't help but sigh in relief as I think back to those stressful first days here. Everything has panned out better than we could have ever imagined! And I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Back then, had I imagined how this past year would have gone, I don't think I would have even imagined it to be as good as it was.

What I really mean to say is, we were watched over. We both felt that Arizona was where our family was supposed to be, and it was! Garrett quickly found out that his job is perfect for him, and he's in a position to build it into his dream job within the coming years. That aspect especially was better than we even thought!

Our Apartment wasn't perfect, but it was a in a perfect location. I'll never forget walking into church on our 3rd day in AZ and seeing old familiar faces whom I trusted and loved. We had no idea that some of my oldest family friends were in our new ward and it was the sweetest surprise. All I needed that day was a good ol' mom hug...and that's exactly what I got! They ended up being a huge part of our transition to AZ....from throwing us a welcome bbq, to setting us up with new best friends, to even being our realtor as we searched and found the most perfect little home for us! Had I picked out a different apartment, we may have never even known they were even here!

I will admit, the summer heat really is that bad. And it definitely got the best of me a time or two last summer. I mean really, it's HOT! But the other 9 months of the year are kind of amazing, and now that I know that, I think this summer will be better. And if not, we'll just stay inside or in the pool until September.

A quick story: When I flew down for 3 days to find a place for us to live, I first stopped by G's new office. I pictured him walking in every day, dressed all nice like a grown-up, and I couldn't help but smile. I remember noticing that there was a cute little bistro/cafe connected to his building. In my mind, I imagined Rae and I meeting G for lunch and eating at that cute little bistro all the time. I even told G all about my simple, yet sweet, little plan. Well, we visited G for lunch many many times, but in our efforts to save money, we always brought our lunch and picnicked it. So we decided that for our 1 year-aversary, we would finally go out to lunch! And that's exactly what we did. And it did not disappoint!!

Anyways! My point is that we like it here. It's been a really really good year. And we are looking forward to many more years of calling Arizona home.


  1. Rae's pigtails are to die for:)

  2. Good post Kaela. :) So glad you guys have been happy there. Rae is getting so big!


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