Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mothers day goodness

As women, we wear a lot of hats. There's the wife hat, the career hat, the sister hat, the daughter hat, the friend hat....etc, etc, etc. And we go through life periodically rotating hats for the occasion. I pull out my 'young women's leader hat' on tuesday night's for our weekly activity, and I dust of my 'friend hat' when I meet up with girlfriends for a girls night.

But as a mother, I know that I don't just wear one pretty little 'mom hat' with a flower tucked in the side. I see myself walking around with a big ol' pile of hats resting on my head. I wear the chef hat, nurse hat, maid hat, teacher hat, financial planner hat, chauffeur hat, nurturing hat, pregnant hat, cheerleader hat....the list goes on and on....and on. All these hats stacked, one on top of the other.

Someday I hope to get to the point where I can walk around gracefully, perfectly balancing these hats of different shapes and sizes. But for now, I feel like almost every day (at least once) they all fall to the floor as I try rushing from one thing to the next in my efforts to keep up with motherhood.

I definitely don't have this whole 'motherhood' thing in the bag yet....I've got so so much learning to do, it's not even funny. But I love each and every one of my tattered little hats (okay, except the dish-washing hat...that hat is the worst!).
If I were to continue with this cheesy little analogy, I would probably note how Garrett stole all my hats for mothers day, and walked around balancing them all perfectly, while not allowing me to lift a finger.....But I'll call it good with what we have.

He did spoil me though, and mothers day has officially become one of my favorite days of the year! I woke up to biscuits and gravy (from scratch), something I have been majorly craving lately, but haven't been able to make yet. Then I enjoyed my morning cuddled in bed with my little family, reading to Rae and taking turns feeling the babe kick. Church was the sweetest...I may have cried when G and Rae went up for a little choir number with the men and the primary. It was possibly the highlight of the day. Then we came home and G whipped up some steak and shrimp on the grill...my pregnant self loves me some surf-and-turf! And we ended the night skyping our favorite missionary.
I feel so honored to be a mother. If it were it's own hat, it would be my favorite of them all. It definitely wouldn't be the prettiest or the shiniest, but it would be the most loved, the most prized, the most protected.

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