Monday, May 19, 2014

weekending & rae-isms!

This weekend was a good one. I can't think of anything super amazing that happened, but we got to spend time together, which is what made it great.

This baby inside me insists that he/she be a part of the conversation at all times. We'll be laughing about this or that, and I'll start getting swift kicks to my side like, "hey! i wanna join in on the fun too!" It feels like baby is constantly awake these days, always willing to high-five our hands from the inside. I really don't mind at all....feeling kicks and punches are one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. Except....this weekend baby took to kicking straight down, which, if you can imagine, is a little less than comfortable. We were all driving in the car and I couldn't help but jump and squeal with the pain of each kick. I love this baby, but getting kicked in the crotch (from the inside or outside) is never pleasant.

I wish there was a way to document how much we just adore our little Rae. If I could just capture that look that Garrett gives her, or the way she makes us feel....I don't know. Maybe I should just keep a tally of of many times in a day we say things like, "I just love her so much!" or "She's just the best!" or "How did we get so lucky to get her?!" She's the coolest chick ever and we are completely smitten.

Her personality is showing more and more, and we find ourselves constantly cracking up at the things she does.

She's got a real firm understanding of hi and bye. To the extent that when I put pants on her, she says "buh-bye knee's" because she knows she won't be seeing them anymore. When we put shoes on, it's "bye toes! bye toes!" and sometimes she'll even bend down to give her toes a quick kiss before I slip her shoes on. She says 'hi' and 'bye' to everything. Literally, everything. The TV. Tree's. Cars she sees while we're driving. Birds. Airplanes. Rocks. Blankets. Books. Toys. Food. The bath. And most of the time the 'hi' is accompanied by the cutest wave, and the 'buh-bye' is followed by a couple kisses. The other day, on our daily walk around the neighborhood, this mean dog was barking at us really aggressively. I was totally freaked out, but Rae stopped, sweetly waved and said, "hi dog! hi woof woof!!.....buh-bye dog! buh-bye woof!" with a blown kiss.

Yesterday in the car, G and I heard Rae say "cheeeeeese!" a couple times from the back seat. Finally we turned around to see her holding her play-phone out, like she was taking pictures. We couldn't help but laugh!

She also insisted on wearing her pink sunglasses all through church yesterday. The girl loves her accessories, and I wasn't in the mood to pick that battle.

She's not behind on her verbal skills, but I don't think she's ahead either. She talks a ton, but I'm not sure anyone besides me or G could understand her. She tries really hard to say most words, but she's got a couple that she won't even try to say right. Blanket has been, and always will be, 'dla-la', which is hard to distinguish from water, which is 'dla-lo". Milk is 'guh' and instead of saying 'bird' she just caw's at it (So if she see's a bird, it's "hi caw caw! buh-bye caw caw!!"). She's great at her sign language, so that helps, but in the mean time, we're working with her on sounds.

We taught her all the shapes a couple weeks ago, and now she spends her days finding shapes in everything. She loves to point out the circles in stop lights, and the squares on the side of shopping carts. She gets the most excited when she spots a triangle or an oval though, which are a little more rare. She's even figured out rectangles and pentagons. Her favorite game is when we draw shapes on our chalkboard-door and she has to tell us which one is which.

She's obsessed with babies. She's got more baby-dolls than she can carry at once, but that doesn't stop her from trying. More than once we've caught her stumbling around her room with one baby wedged between her cheek and her shoulder, a couple more in her arms, and one or two more dangling from her fingertips. She loves them dearly and is always giving them kisses, patting their heads gently, or asking me to change their diapers. The only time she isn't with a baby is when she's cuddling and comforting her stuffed animals. I'm hoping this means she'll be a good big sister.

And last but not least, this is how we found Rae when we went to check on her before we went to bed. Thankfully there were plenty of air-holes for her....but ya can't deny that the girl loves her blankies!


  1. She's the cutest! And she is getting so big! :)

  2. haha. SOOO Cute!! She totally got her sleeping habits from you! :)


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