Monday, June 09, 2014

that one time garrett got bells palsy

Another weekend has come and gone, and now we're sitting here with a bad case of the mondays as we count down the seconds until we get to spend all our time with our favorite guy again.

I will say though, as far as weekends go, this one was pretty eventful.

During the week Garrett mentioned a couple times that he was having a couple weird symptoms....his tongue felt like he had burned it, but he couldn't remember eating anything too hot. And then at one point his jaw felt a little funny, and later his left ear. But it wasn't anything all. In fact, it wasn't even very defined, so we kind of just took note and moved on.

On Saturday we headed over to a birthday party for one of Rae's little bff's, Tyler. We're really close with their family, and Tyler's Dad, Isac happens to be a doctor. Garrett planned on mentioning these weird little symptoms to him at the end of the party, just to be safe. But then, as he was eating a slice of pizza, his symptoms got worse. He noticed that he couldn't open his mouth wide enough to bite the pizza, and when he did, his bottom lip (on the left side) kept getting in the way. After biting his lip a time or two, he turned to Isac and brought it up.

At this point, I was only aware of Garrett's first few symptoms, and I really didn't think anything of it. Isac did a couple quick little tests on Garrett...he made him raise his eyebrows, smile, frown, scrunch up his face, etc. I wasn't watching G do these tests, so when Isac announced that he had Bells Palsy and we should probably head to the insta-care, like now, I was a little thrown off.

I looked at Garrett's face and quickly noticed that he was right. The left side of his face was totally paralyzed and unresponsive. When he raised his eyebrows, his forehead only wrinkled on the right side, and when he scrunched up his face, it was totally lop-sided.
luckily it's only a mild case...and he's not droopy, just unresponsive.
We knew it wasn't a stroke (thankfully), but we still loaded up in the car and headed to the insta-care to get him some steroids to get the healing process started right away.

Insta-cares, man....they're kinda the worst. We spent a solid chuck of our day in the waiting room before finally being seen, and poor Rae....the girl was not thrilled.
this was about 2 hours past nap time....
Anyways, we got him on steroids in good time, so hopefully that'll help speed the recovery process up. They said it can take anywhere between 6 weeks, to 6 months, to forever. In the mean time, I still think he's as handsome as ever. And luckily it's not painful or debilitating....just a little bit annoying for him.

One interesting little tid-bit about that Garrett of mine....he rarely gets sick or injured, but if he does, it's usually on the more severe side of things. I think he's had one cold since we got married, but it turned into a gnarly sinus infection, and he's had kidney stones, and now he's just a little bit paralyzed for a couple weeks. The boy sure knows how to make it count!

Aaaaand that was our weekend. Over and out.

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