Tuesday, June 17, 2014

waddup nature


Our ward campout was this past weekend.

I think maybe for a second Garrett and I forgot that we have an almost-two-year-old, and that I'm 7-months pregnant, and that camping is kinda dirty and not the most comfortable and soooo much work. And it just so happened to be during this second-long lapse in cognition that we made the official decision to go. That is, go on the ward campout. With an almost-two-year-old. While 7-months pregnant.
Lets just say....the moments that weren't smashing successes were total disasters, and vice versa. Each moment landed on one extreme of the spectrum. Which, lets be honest, is kind of parenthood in general.
^this picture....i mean, come on!^
The disastrous moments seemed to go down between midnight and 5:30am, which if you didn't know, is when the sun rises here in AZ. And when the sun rises, the birds start singing. And when it's completely bright out and birds are singing, Rae thinks it's time to wake up. We might have been able to sleep through it, but with tents full of sleeping ward-memebers surrounding us, we figured that they might not appreciate Rae giving play-by-play commentary of everything she laid eyes on. It only took about 30 seconds of her excitedly yelling, "A TENT! A TENT! BIRDS! CAW CAW CAW! A BIRD! CAW! A TENT! TREEEEEEEEEEES!!!!" before we realized that we were up for the day, and in order to avoid turning everyone against us, we would need to leave...quickly. Insert here: a nice little nature walk in the wee hours of the morn.
This might not have been the worst thing in the world had I gotten even the tiniest ounce of sleep. Rewind a couple hours into the night. Rae woke up a little freaked out in her pack-and-play and insisted (loudly) that she sleep with us on our air mattress. Again, ward members are surrounding us, so it's not like I could argue for long. About 2 minutes after I pulled her in my sleeping bag, the baby in my belly shifted and I suddenly had to pee soooo bad. Like, so bad. I tried inching away from Rae, but she screamed and held on tight to me.

And so it was, at 2 in the morning in the middle of a little AZ forest, that I had my first defining moment as a mother of 2. One child clinging to me in fear, needing me to stay with her, and another child using my bladder as a punching bag, demanding that I get up and waddle to the nearest bathroom immediately. Maybe it was because I was delirious, but it was kind of a monumental moment for me.

I whispered to Garrett, who was sleeping soundly next to me, "Garrett....I have to pee....bad. What do I do?" I don't remember his response exactly, but I can tell you that it was less than helpful. So I laid there, wide awake, with my little girl breathing heavily on my chest, and my legs crossed and clenched as tight as possible....for like 2 hours. Oy.

There were good moments too though! We made new friends and got to know a bunch of people better. Rae loved running around in the dirt and seeing all the tree's and animals! At one point we walked down to a stream that ran by our site and it was beyond gorgeous! We watched all the kids play on a rope-swing, and we climbed over and around a bunch of fallen logs. There's just something about spending time in nature....it's therapeutic and calming and often gives me a renewed perspective on life.
We spent the day learning a bit of archery with the ward and exploring, and then we headed to a cute little cabin with a couple friends. We ate lots of sweets, played a competitive scum tournament, and just had a blast! In the morning all the wives worked in the kitchen to make our hubbies a scrumptious fathers day breakfast! I wish I had taken more pictures, but I guess we were too busy having fun.

All in all, we are really glad we went, if only for the sake of adventure! And to add to our archives of memories with just the three of us!

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