Saturday, August 30, 2014

Atlanta (part 1)

So, two days after getting home from Idaho, Rae and I jumped on another plane to Atlanta. Four flights with an almost-two year old, in the span of 2.5 weeks, while 8.5 months pregnant. Woooo baby....not recommended. Thankfully Rae kind of turns into super-toddler on flights...she was a total dream. She watched a couple episodes of Micky Mouse Clubhouse (best 6 bucks I ever spent), took a nice little nap on my balloon of a belly, and played quietly for the majority of the flight. It should also be noted that Southwest is seriously the BEST when it comes to traveling with kids. They made sure I got an extra seat for her (for free), brought Rae apple juice, and literally gave us free snacks SIX separate times.

Anyways. Tiffini and her cute family live in Atlanta, but my parents also happened to be visiting while I was there too. So it was kind of like a mini reunion. I can't even express how good it was to be there and to spend so much time with my family. I think my favorite moments were when we just got to hang out, catching up and laughing. Sometimes it was in the kitchen...we'd all just gather around and get into some fun conversation while making dinner. Or after the kids went to bed, lounging on porch just enjoying each others company. Or even just hanging out around the pool watching the kids swim!

Keepin' it real: I don't know why, but on our third day there Rae literally turned into the most whiney, difficult, clingy, possessive kid EVER. I hardly recognized her. She kind of shut everyone out except me and threw a fit anytime anyone even looked at her. So.....that was super fun. You have these visions of your kids being best friends with their cousins and playing and getting along great.....and then Rae kind of ruined it. So that was a big bummer. I don't necessarily blame her because we had a crazy month of traveling, and we had never been to Atlanta so it was all new, and Garrett wasn't there....but still. It definitely made things a little bit more difficult. At one point, right when John came home from work, little Colston ran up to him and was like, "She's not crying, Daddy! Rae Rae isn't crying!!" Like it was this huge breakthrough...which honestly it kind of was. Hah. Hopefully it's just a phase and Little Miss grows out of it quick.

But we didn't let that stop us from having fun! We celebrated Pip's 2nd birthday, swam a couple times, read lots of books, spent a decent amount of time playing in the playroom, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and just had an all-around blast. And I've got the pictures to prove it!

 Rae is pretty smitten with her Mimi and Papa.

Swimming. No one is more fun in the pool than Papa. Piper and Colston had a blast being thrown in the air, jumping off the edge, and getting some good swimming lessons from him. Rae was all about getting her ankles wet...and that's about it. Luckily Mimi was there to splash and stomp and keep her company on the pool platform.

One afternoon, Aunt Tiffini whipped out the shaving cream and let the kids have at it. Colston and Pip were a little more experienced, and Rae was definitely a little more timid. I think she's seen her dad shave once or twice because for the first 15 minutes she just gently spread the shaving cream on her cheeks and chin. Eventually she got into it though! They all loved it!

Rae and I loved the escape from the blazing Arizona summer heat, and the weather was awesome in Georgia. It rained a lot, but even that was appreciated from us desert-dwellers. Rae especially loved the fresh air and exploring their awesome backyard!

Unfortunately, Rae was a bit of a hog when it came to my lap, so I didn't get in as much lovin' on my cute niece and nephew as I would have liked. But at one point, when Rae was distracted, Pip came up to me and pulled herself up on my lap. Just to sit. It made my day, and of course we had to document it! Love that sweet girl so much!

Some of my favorite moments were just sitting back watching the kids play and interact together in the toy room. Before we went, Rae helped me whip up some customized dinosaur tales for Colst and Pip, and they were a hit! 

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip....watching those three kiddo's interact during meals was quite a treat. Especially at the beginning of our stay, all three kids were constantly eyeing each other...trying to figure each other out. 

Mimi bought Pip and Rae these adorable matching dresses! Rae was being a grump for the picture (a theme of the trip, if you haven't noticed yet), but they still look pretty cute if you ask me! 

Okay okay, that's enough of a photo-dump for now. Still to come: our adventures out and about Atlanta! Stay tuned for more!

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