Monday, August 04, 2014

good company

One of our greatest blessings in moving to Arizona has definitely been the people who have entered into our lives.

In the short year that we've lived here, we've been really really blessed to make some really top-notch best friends. The kind of best friends that don't just show up around every corner. I'm talking like life-long, 'meant-to-be' best friends...that ya just click with from the start. The kind that you can just sit around doing nothing with, and still have the best best time.

The kind of best friends that are impossible to replace. Which is kinda okay because they're so great that you really don't want anyone else to take their place anyways.

Get the picture?

Well, two of these best-friend-couples of ours moved away this past month. Which was really just the biggest bummer. I'll blame it on my baby-hormones, but more than a few tears were shed over it all.

And, at the expense of this getting reeeeaaaaal cheesy (jk, we crossed that bridge in the first sentence),  I wanted to post a couple pics and memories of our adventures together. Photo dump....starting NOW!
^ the whole much love for this rad group of people ^
^ zupa's....soooo much zupa's with this girl. ^

^ Abby and Rae....Story time and poolside besties! ^
^ ginger bread houses! ^
^ pool playdates ^
 Halloween Dress-ups! 
^ Rae, Tyler, Bronson, and Abby! Playground playdates! ^
^ Easter crafting! ^
^ last minute surgeries in our a million other medical saves from Dr. Isac ^
^ These much love! ^
^ Game nights! ^
^ Baby showers!!!!! ^
^ shopping outings that ended with the pizza of all pizza! ^
^ baseball games with this cute preggo mama (and the rest of the gang....not pictured)! ^
^ punkin' patchin! ^
^ Easter egging! ^
^ Little miss Rae became quite fond of Carly over time (even though she looks like a grump in this pic:) ^
Throw in a couple more shopping outings, football and Super Bowl parties, countless dinners, a saturday painting our house, boating, babysitting swaps, frozen yogurt dates, Sunday hikes, and birthday parties....and that pretty much sums up this past year. (At one point, when we moved into our new house, Jen let me come over weekly to do laundry until we got our washer and dryer. Laundry dates....that's how good of friends we are ;)

Anyways. This wouldn't be a cliche blog if I didn't mention these people who we've become so very fond of. And if you happen to live in Texas or California....well, you're pretty lucky because your population just got a whole lot cooler!

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