Thursday, August 14, 2014

Idaho 2014 (part 3)- the snow shack!

I think I said everything there is to say about the snow shack in THIS post, from our trip to Idaho last summer, so this post will be mostly pictures.

I will say that as I sat there with Rae, I reminisced on all the times her Dad and I went there and hung out just as friends in the good ol' days of high school. Tons of friends, just sitting along the curb chatting and eating our shaved ice. And then after he came home from his mission, that's one of the first places we went together. Funny story: as a joke he and another boy both asked me to marry them while we were there...and (possibly in a moment of playing hard-to-get) I said yes to the other boy. And then, a little while later, when we were officially dating, it was one of our favorite cheap dates when we felt like getting out. And even when the shack was closed for the winter, we'd still go walk around the gazebo, preferably under the falling snow.


Me, Denise, Laren, Charlie, and Rae all made our way downtown one day and found ourselves at the snow shack. Watching the kids playing in the fountains had us all smiling and laughing. And then we topped it off with snow cones before leaving. It was all kinds of happy and perfect.

^ah this picture kills me! love that little boy!
^this was literally the face she made until the snow cone was gone...always ready, that one!
^tigers blood with cream please :)
^one of my favorite pics from the trip...and isn't that gazebo just dreamy?!

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