Monday, August 18, 2014

Idaho 2014 (part 4)

Like I said earlier, Garrett met us in Idaho on Thursday night and stayed for the weekend. We made sure to pack in the bulk of the fun while he was there.

On Friday morning, Everyone packed in the cars and went to the Boise zoo. I had to stay behind to prevent irritating my pelvis-pressure-pain any further, but they made sure to take pictures for me! Apparently Rae was digging the turtles, and kept trying to give them hugs through the glass enclosure. And she was a liiiiitle apprehensive about the butterfly exhibit.

We were so lucky (and so excited) to find out that Eagle Fun Days happened to be the same weekend that we were there. Basically downtown Eagle gets over-taken by cute little farmers-market type vendors for the weekend, there's a cute little carnival, and then on Saturday morning is a big-little parade. The whole town shows up and at the end there's a huge water fight....the town vs. the firefighters. It's a blast!

Other than that, we just had a blast enjoying each other's company, watching the kids play, and eating some dang delicious food! It couldn't have been a better trip!

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