Monday, August 18, 2014

Idaho 2014 (part 5)- Enzlers

I know I know.....5 posts just about Idaho! But you guys, it was just that great!
I was definitely sad not to be able to see my parents while I was there (Dallas, you are lucky!), but it was a little less bitter because Kyle and his family still live there. So we were able to sneak away to steal a decent amount of time with them.
Jade is due 4 days before me (with another sweet baby girl), so she and I were totally on the same page about relaxing and taking it easy. Usually our hang-outs consisted of each of us in a recliner, chatting and watching the kids play.
And the girls...they were so sweet to me and Rae. At one point I had Ryenn brushing and playing with my hair, and Tayler giving me a nice foot rub. When they weren't pampering me, they were sharing all their toys with Rae and showing her a good time on the trampoline.
We played in the sprinklers, went to the park, ate some delicious Chinese, and took the girls out for some yummy frozen yogurt.
Rae is pretty reserved and skeptical with people that she doesn't know super well...but Uncle Kyle won her over in record time.
I was so grateful to get to spend time with my brother and his cute family. Had I not been able to see them this summer, it would have been close to year without getting together...and that's definitely way too long. And I loved that Rae got a good dose of cousin time in with sweet Tay and Ry!

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