Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Atlanta (part 2)

I'm thinking that this baby is waiting for me to catch up on all my blogging before he/she comes....because I doubt blogging will be on my radar much in the days after he/she is born (and if it is, heavens knows it'll be all about the baby).

So. I wanted to make sure I documented the last of our Atlanta trip from July. I already wrote about most of our favorite moments, just hanging out and being together. But we also had ourselves a few adventures out and about Atlanta that made for some good memories.

Before my parents left, we all went to this awesome play-place called Catch Air. I was expecting it to be like a bunch of trampolines and maybe a few slides....but, no. This place was INsane. Like, one million tunnels, slides, and swings. Mini motorized carousels and swings that the kids could hang on and spin around...a tunnel full of hanging pool noodles that the kids could run through or swing on. It was seriously so amazing. 
My pelvis-pressure was really irritated that day, so Mimi and Papa took over with Rae and I got to sit back and enjoy the view. 
Right before we left, there was a big dance party and the one and only MICKEY MOUSE came out to dance. I could tell that Rae was in awe, but she was being shy. Finally, right before he left, she slid off my lap, sauntered over to him, and lightly hugged his leg. She literally has brought it up every single day since then...and it's been almost two months. 

Later in the week we ventured out to the Atlanta Aquarium. As far as aquariums go...they really don't come any better. They had whale sharks, beluga whales, bottle nose dolphins, and millions of other fish. They even had sting ray's and baby sharks that you could touch! For a long time it was the largest aquarium in the world. 
Unfortunately....Rae (and her behavior) hit an all time low right when we walked in. I swear she cried the whole time. It kind of made the whole outing a disaster. But of course we made the most of it....and I had fun! 

Another day we tagged along to a fun little weekly class that Colston and Piper are part of. It was a cute little warehouse with tons of activities and jungle gyms for the kids. Rae was still being shy, but she still had a great time! And just watching those three kiddies running around playing in their element made my heart happy. 

On one of my last days, we put the kids down for naps and T and I headed out for a little 'girls afternoon.' I know I've said this about everything so far, but this was definitely one of my very top favorite parts of the trip. It's become kind of a tradition for us to get our nails done when we're together, so that's what we did. We also grabbed some lunch at Houston's.....which is pretty much my favorite restaurant of all time. I mean, the spinach artichoke dip.....I have no words.
It's always so great to spend time with that beautiful sister of mine. We filled our conversation with stories and advice for our kiddies, upcoming plans, and lots of laughs. She is one of my very very top favorite people in the world and I'm so lucky to call her my sister. 

Aaaaaannnnnndddddd. That was Atlanta!

Now it's time to have a baby.....

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