Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Holler! I'm alive! I'm happy to say that I'm feeling so so much better, thank heavens! I noticed drastic improvements with my headache exactly a week after John was born, and then it's just been getting better every day since. Now I feel like all the residual side-effects from the epidural are pretty much gone, minus a little soreness where I was stabbed 8 times, but I'm not complaining.

It's funny, because it was pretty rough there for a little while...and now looking back on it, I find myself asking, "Was that for real? And was it really that bad?!" And then tears come to my eyes and I answer, "Yup...it was." But I survived and it's behind us now. I always feel a little awkward when people ask me how I'm doing now, or what happened, and I try to explain it to them. "Well...my spine leaked out all my brain fluid...so my head felt like death....but now my body replenished it's cerebral fluid supply....soooooo, my brain is floating again...which means now I'm good!" Yeeeiiikes. But that's pretty much the gist of it. Holler!

Side note 1: Ya know that new song, 'All about that bass'? You guys, I am feelin' that song for sure.

Side note 2: The other day we went to a bbq with some friends and it was suuuuuper fun. BUT I literally have over 100 mosquito bites on my legs. And Rae has at least 20. Worst parents of the year. Yikes, so itchy. So itchy.

Okay. Enough stalling. Two kids.......wooooo. I'm going to be honest. It's rocking me. I feel like my adjustment from zero kids to one came rather gracefully, if I might say so. But my transition from one to two is anything but. We're like the cliche picture of disaster over here. My ponytail is one big tangle, I have big bags under my eyes, I'm rarely more than half dressed at any point in time, and my brain is so dead that I had to whip out my calculator app to do some simple subtraction this morning. Garrett isn't much better either. He's got bags under his eyes too, and pretty much (read: totally completely) depends on his dr. pepper to get him through the work day. The house gets cleaned for about 1 minute every day, and then we blink and there are diapers and burp cloths and bottles and sippy cups everywhere.

And for a second, when I look around at our current reality, I want to cry (sometimes I do). But then my 'mother eyes' take over and I realize that my tangled ponytail and the scattered diapers are all SUCH blessings. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Johnboy is doing good. He's a good baby, but still a bit more difficult than Rae was. That chick had it goin' on when she was a baby. I remember my parents coming to visit once or twice in the first few months, and I feel like all my dad said, over and over, was, "She NEVER cries!!" I didn't realize it at the time, but he was right. Johnny cries. For sure. Which is fine...it's usually expected...unless your first baby was some kind of baby superhero who gave you completely unrealistic expectations of how a newborn should act. Don't worry though, baby numero dos is quickly rectifying that situation.

Also. I'm pretty sure the kid hasn't stopped pooping since he was born. We did a little newborn photo shoot last week and I swear he pooped/peed on like 12 different blankets. Sorry, yo. At least I know he's got some highly functioning bowels.

But really, things are good over here. Yes, definitely a little tricky. And we don't quite have it all figured out yet....or really any of it figured out yet. But we'll get there. And in the mean time we might watch a little more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat a lot more chicken nuggets (for every meal). But that's okay, right? Right? Tell me that's okay.

Okay. Pictures from the last two weeks.
 ^ he makes a lot of grumpy faces, if you haven't noticed ^

^my sweet girl taking care of me when I was down-and-out^
^we made it out of the house!! holler for gap :)
^ and as always, holler for target! ^
^ because we all know that by the end of the day, neither of my kids are ever still dressed...^


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  2. I love this, you're such a trooper! I can't wait to meet John!!!


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