Monday, October 13, 2014

back to it.

Well, hello there little blog of mine. It's been a quick second hasn't it?
Sorry for the tiny break.
Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Two kids? More than twice as hard, if you ask me.
Also, sleep? Not more than 2 hours at a time in the last month, at least (longer if you count potty breaks when I was pregnant).
Happy though? Ya. So happy. Feeling so incredibly blessed.

Johnny. That kid. You guys. Maybe it's just because both my kids are sleeping right now and I just ate two cookies worth of cookie dough. But I think he's pretty dang rad. He's my little buddy and I'm beyond obsessed with him. He's a sweetheart for sure, and already I'm finding that he's got me wrapped around his little finger.
Getting to know your child is such an interesting experience. For some reason I assumed all my kids would be pretty similar to Miss Rae. Similar personalities, tempers, habits. But I'm learning that Johnny is definitely his own....everything. I don't really know how to explain it much more than that. I just have a feeling that this kid is going to do things his own way. And I assume that I'm going to learn a lot as I continue to figure him out. I'm so excited to see more and more of who he is.
Rae. Still as cool as evah'. For sure she pushes our buttons sometimes. For sure. But it's so minor compared to how much she lifts us up. I literally cannot believe how much joy she brings into our lives. It is constantly stopping me in my tracks. I swear she sings songs aaalllll day long. And hearing that little high-pitched voice stumble through the abc's, or twinkle twinkle, or the 'sunshine song' as she calls it....ahh it is my happiness. She's a sweetheart with sass, and I hope she always knows how deeply I adore her.

In other news, the holidays are upon us and I couldn't be more excited. In my head I have a million projects and activities planned, and they easily exceed our budget by at least double. But a girl can dream, and plan, and save for later, right?!

[Did you know that my living room is green? And my dining room is yellow? And my kitchen is kind of a muddy brown? Someday I'm going to paint the heck outta this place and it's going to be preeeettttttty awesome. Just waiting for that budget to pull through for me!

Ah, I digress. Back to it.]

We have nothing but amazing things to look forward to over the next few months. Seeing grandparents and cousins, blessing babies, missionary homecomings, hosting my first thanksgiving, cooler weather, and even a little california getaway somewhere in there. It technically began last weekend with a last minute trip to utah, but more on that later. It's nothing but happiness if you ask me, and I couldn't be more excited about it all. Just you wait, I'll document!

Oh, but you're forewarned. We mentioned the name 'Santa' this week and Rae will have nothing of it. We were at Costco and we showed her the Christmas trees. She was all ohh's and ahh's and then I said, "And Santa's going to come!" You would have thought Mickey Mouse died from the reaction she gave. It was like full on hysterics. It's been like 4 days and she still randomly comes up to me to confirm, 'No Santa? No Santa?" Maybe she remembers last year when I made her sit on his lap at the ward party while I snapped this little gem? I don't know. Regardless.

Anyways. Just stopping in real quick to remind my future self that even though things are totally crazy right now, and none of us in this house have any idea what we're doing, we're all still totally happy. And in a way, I'm kinda digging the chaos and the challenge. It's all so so good.


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  1. You're back!! Yay! Also John is so so SO cute!!


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