Thursday, October 16, 2014

Johnboy @ 1 MONTH

Dear Johnny,
You've officially be in the world for one whole month! What an accomplishment! You are my spunky, sweet, stinky little boy and I love you more than all the stars.
A few things we've learned about you this past month....You:

  • Are alllll BOY. You spend your day eating, pooping, grunting, and growling. You huff and puff when you're upset, and you have a loud boyish cry.
  • On that same are burly. You are a big, healthy boy and I am so glad. After struggling to nurse your sister at first, I surely appreciate your ability to eat and eat and eat and pack on those pounds. You wear them well my handsome boy. 
  • You never wore newborn clothes, and you are already filling out your 0-3 month wardrobe. I'm about to break out the 3-6 supply!
  • You started out as a really easy baby, then became a really hard baby, and now you seem to have settled somewhere in the middle. 
  • We are working on getting longer stretches of sleep from you at night (more than 2 hours, please), but you are a great napper during the day. 
  • You hated the swing with a passion, but have recently warmed up to it slightly. We're hoping it keeps growing on you.
  • You recently mastered the 'self-soothe' and can happily squirm around your cradle for a minute or two before quietly falling asleep. We are SO happy about this!
  • You visited Utah this month and were kissed and cuddled by so many who love you. You got to meet your Uncle Chase, Aunt Leah, and cousins Beck, Greyson, and Nash. You were reunited with your Grandma, and met your Grandpa, Uncle Nathan, and Uncle Davis. You also got to meet your Great Grandma Robin and Great Papa Norm. Everyone was so smitten by you!
  • At exactly one month old you gave your big sister the biggest gummy grin as she showed you her favorite pictures in her color book. You have been giving sweet little smiles ever since. 
  • You've enjoyed walks around the block as well as many outings to the park, library, mall, and to Dad's office for lunch. 
  • You are one gassy, poopy little boy. I keep imagining you, as a teenager, farting at the dinner table....Someday you'll have to remind me that you've been gassy from the start, so I shouldn't get too mad at you. 
  • You have the cutest little sneezes. My favorite is when you're about to sneeze, and then it goes away, and you make the cutest little sighing noise. It seriously melts my heart!
It has been a happy, sleepless, messy month. I hope you know how loved you are, Johnboy.

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