Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Name and a Blessing

This past Sunday we were able to bless our little Johnnyboy.

I never want to forget the feelings I have when my fresh-from-heaven baby is about to be blessed. It was the same with Rae....not much thought on the matter before hand, and then all of a sudden as I'm sitting in the chapel pew, I'm hit with it.

Surrounded by friend and family, I looked  down at the tiny little soul asleep in my arms, all dressed in white and looking so pure and clean and angelic. And again I was  given a special witness of my divine calling as mother to this sweet little spirit.

I thought  of the angels who were surely in attendance for this special event. My Grams, because she's never missed an important event in my life, I'm sure of it. My Grandma and Grandpa Enzler, because even though I didn't know them well, I'm quite certain that they serve as some kind of a guardian angels to me and my family. And of course, Garrett's Grandpa John, who undoubtedly ushered this sweet little boy to our family.

Makeup-smearing tears streaked my cheeks as I rocked Johnny during the opening announcements, prayers, and songs. And my whole soul was filled with love for this little boy in my arms.

There's something so spiritual about handing my baby to my husband for a blessing. Watching them walk to the front of the chapel with a trail of fathers, uncles, cousins, and brothers close behind. They surrounded my baby boy in a circle of love and priesthood authority, and they gently bounced him as the sweetest words were spoken.

Blessings of strength, faith, integrity, honesty, and obedience were given. A special tribute to Rae, and encouragement to follow her good example. Missions and marriage were mentioned, and a moment spent on this little boy's future family, as well as his current family and the love overflowing for him.

At one point Garrett paused, and I could feel the emotions behind the thoughts he was having. I imagined Grandpa John, who was surely standing in the circle of his namesake. I could feel his spirit as Garrett blessed Johnny to honor his name, to follow his example, and to be a man that others look to, just as they looked to his great grandfather.

Just in case it wasn't already special enough, Johnboy was blessed alongside two of his cousins, Nash and Maddyn. It was so tender to have these three babes all together, dressed in white. My heart felt like it might explode.

It's occasions like these that I see through my 'mother eyes' most clearly. Everything makes sense, all my priorities line up, my worries disappear, and the most genuine happiness is experienced. It's an experience that I'll treasure forever.
^ Johnny was blessed in the same outfit that Garrett wore ^
^what a special blessing for my parents to witness THREE grandchildren blessed in the same day. 
^Garrett and his Grandpa John^

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