Sunday, November 02, 2014

Johnny's Birthday [VIDEO]

I'm still working on some last second details on John's written birth story, but I was able to finish up this little video last night and thought I'd share it in the mean time.
I was pretty bummed not to have a photographer come do a birth story like I did with Rae, but on our tight budget (and since my #1 photographer lives a state away), we had to do without.
Instead, we shot a couple quick video's throughout the day as we thought of it.
I wasn't sure if it would turn into anything worth watching, but Garrett and I were pleasantly surprised.
It's simple, but still so sweet to us.
I count it a win anytime I get a chance to document little details that would otherwise be forgotten (i.e. John's chubby cheeks and scrunched lips, and Rae's sweetest little kisses).

It shows a little fuzzy when watched on this page...if you click the 'HD' and go to the actual vimeo page, it's much crisper and nicer.



  1. Perfection! What a great idea; priceless video!

  2. What a beautiful video! Your family is absolutely precious! Mwah!

  3. good video kaela! I love all those little moments! Maybe I will be better at capturing those this time around. :)


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