Tuesday, November 11, 2014


How is it November, you guys? How is it the MIDDLE of November?! Time moves sooooo slow when you're pregnant, and then you have a baby and BAM! it's already been two months.

So I hate that blogging has been pushed so far down on the priority list lately. I have so many things that I want to document...but between the dishes and laundry, Garrett working long hours, and trying to keep two kiddies alive (and happy), I just rarely have a second to sit down and get into the writing mode.

But! I am determined to keep up this little space of mine on the world wide web. Because honestly, I love it. I love the creative outlet it is for me, as well as a way to keep in touch and let our families hear stories and see pictures of Rae and John. Mostly though, I love looking back and being reminded of our simple outings, family activities, and all the little details of each phase of our life together. I think it'll be a fun family-history for years to come.

So. Here I am. Both kids are napping. Usually at this point in my day, I have to decide whether to take a quick snooze myself (depending on how well Johnny slept last night) or if the dishes just can't handle another minute of sitting in the sink. Today I decided that both of those things will have to wait because I'm choosing to be here, at my little desk sitting on my ripped up pink chair. And I'm really happy about it.

I literally just wrote out a list of 12 different things that I want to document before time gets anymore away from me, so be prepared for an overload in the next few days/weeks. But for now I want to write about a little project that Rae and I came up with.

Rae is kind of an anxious little girl. She's pretty shy and has a hard time coming out of her shell. Being around chaos or lots of people makes her really nervous and uncomfortable. Which, I know she's only two, so that isn't super uncommon. And I know she'll probably grow out of it. But as I'm still adjusting to two kiddo's, I'm finding it really easy to stay cooped up inside all day long, which isn't helping her. So, we decided to try really really hard to get out and do more fun things in an attempt to pull Rae out of her shell and experience more of the fun chaos that comes with childhood.

In perfect timing, Rae and I randomly stumbled across the cutest little kids book full of fun things to do before growing up at the library. Of course we checked it out and when we got home, we couldn't help but jot down a few ideas from the book. Before we knew it, we had a couple pages of fun things that we wanted to do.....a bucket list, if you will. Some ideas came from the book, but most were thought up ourselves. I'm sure we'll keep adding to the list as time goes on, but for now this is what we've got.

  1. Pick fruit at an orchard.
  2. Go to the fair.
  3. Dance in the rain.
  4. Go on a hike.
  5. Visit a museum.
  6. Visit the botanical gardens.
  7. Swim in the ocean.
  8. Ride a 4-wheeler.
  9. Do something nice, anonymously.
  10. Go to an NHL hockey game.
  11. Ride a horse.
  12. Go on a boat.
  13. Visit another country.
  14. Carve pumpkins.
  15. Eat warm homemade bread.
  16. Play in the snow.
  17. Ride a roller coaster.
  18. Write a letter.
  19. Get a letter.
  20. Jump into a pile of leaves.
  21. Go camping.
  22. Eat s'mores.
  23. Pick out a live Christmas tree.
  24. Eat sushi.
  25. Go to the circus.
  26. Make homemade ice cream.
  27. Go to a concert.
  28. Catch a fish.
  29. Have a picnic.
  30. Watch a parade.
  31. Have a special date with just Mommy.
  32. Plant a garden & watch it grow.
  33. Attend a pro-sporting event.
  34. Swim in a lake.
  35. Go on a road trip.
  36. Fly a kite.
  37. Take a dance class.
  38. Catch fireflies.
  39. Feed the ducks.
  40. Make a bird-feeder.
  41. Go in a canoe or paddle-boat.
  42. Build a fort.
  43. Have a tea-party.
  44. Build a sand-castle.
  45. Watch a meteor shower.
  46. Host a fancy dinner.
  47. Make homemade pizza.
  48. Paint a picture.
  49. Watch the sunset.
  50. Build something out of wood.
  51. Go to Disney Land.
  52. Go on a fancy date.
  53. See the Grand Canyon.
  54. Put a penny on a railroad track.
  55. Buy (or make) someone a present.
  56. Eat ice cream out of the carton.
  57. Ride a ferris wheel.
  58. See a play.
  59. Make a self-portrait. 
  60. Climb a tree. 
  61. Have a special date with just Daddy.

We're determined to check off every event on our little/big bucket list, and document it all. And we're already off to a great start! So, in the next few days/weeks/months, be prepared for a new series I'm going to call The Bucket List Project. I know, super creative title.....not.


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