Thursday, November 20, 2014


Back at the beginning of October, Garrett and I decided to be spontaneous (and by spontaneous I really mean crazy) and go to Utah for the weekend. 10 hours of driving [each way] with a 2 year old and a 4 week old. Wooooooo....

It was seriously insane of us, but totally worth it in the end.

Leah and her fam had just moved to Utah and it had been since January that I'd seen them. I was dying to meet her new Nashy-Nash, and she needed to meet Mr. Johnny.

To sweeten the pot, Garrett's fam was planning on being in Provo for the weekend and we were anxious to introduce Johnboy to his Grandpa and Uncles. Also, we weren't sure the next time we'd get to see Garrett's Grandma Robin who is the wife of the original John Wallace Frame. So, of course that had to happen!

So. At 5pm on a Thursday evening, we loaded 1 million things into the car and headed north. Our thought was to drive into the night, and hopefully the kiddies would sleep most of the way. Buuuuut that didn't really happen. Pretty much we were all awake until 5am and to use the word 'rough' would be an understatement. But. We made it!

We spent that Friday with Leah and her fam. I snuggled with Nash and Leah snuggled with John and our three older kids played like cousins should. We spent most of the day hanging out at home, watching the kids and catching up. And then we before we left, we met up with Jalene and Lincoln to tour some houses and catch up for a minute. It was quick, but so so good for my heart!
Saturday was all about watching conference and hanging out with the Frames. Watching Johnboy meet Grandma Robin was such a sweet experience. I couldn't help but think about how Johnny had just been in Heaven with Grandpa John, and now he was in the arms of Grandma Robin. I'm sure Grandpa John sent him with a kiss to be delivered to his sweetheart.
 We headed back to AZ around noon on Sunday, so the trip was super short. But on our way out of town, we all stopped in Spanish Fork to visit Grandpa John's grave. I hadn't ever been, and we didn't know the next time we'd get to go with everyone. We planned on just a quick visit, but we all ended up lingering much longer than expected. Without much thought, we found all 12 of us sitting on the grass surrounding his grave, laughing and telling stories. Garrett's family was there, along with his Grandma, and Aunt Stephanie and her family. That hour at his grave was a highlight of the trip for me.
So, yes. 20 hours of driving, for a little over 48 hours in town. It was crazy. But in the end, we'll remember the sweet memories with family more than the rough drive. Total success!

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