Friday, December 19, 2014

3 months

Johnnybaby is 3 months old!
I finally feel like I'm at that point where I can take a deep breath and really enjoy this little life of mine.
We've got ourselves in somewhat of a rhythm and I feel like just maaaaaybe we might be able to keep these two littles alive and happy for the long haul.
I'm starting to gain a little confidence in myself as a mother-of-two and it feels oh-so-good.
At exactly 2-months, Johnny started sleeping through the night.
Ah, it's amazing what a full night of uninterrupted sleep can do for this mamma!
Maybe that has something to do with this good little groove we've got ourselves in now :). 
We're up to a straight 10 or 11 hours at night, and then two or three solid naps in the day.
(Johnny literally pooped NONstop for the first two months of his life, but once his digestive system calmed down a bit, he started sleeping much longer stretches.)
((I swear that's why he sleeps through the night now.))
We're down to 6 or 7 diapers a day....which is major considering 20 used to be pretty standard.
And only one or two poopie diapers.
That's weird to blog about. I know. Sorry.
Moooooving on.
Baby boy goes 4 hours in between eating during the day. Which...that was a total game changer!
Hello life! Lets party!
His favorite person is still his big sister. He constantly follows her around the room with his eyes, and breaks into the biggest grin when she gives him even the slightest bit of attention.
Breastfeeding....still a success. The kid barely fits into his 6 month clothes.
So.......that's expensive.
But new baby wardrobes are more fun to buy than formula. Holler!
He loves to be swaddled at night and he's officially a binky fan!! Praise the heavens for that!
He's a drooly baby, especially when he finds his hands. He'll slurp on those babies forever and drool ends up everywhere.
We also just discovered that he's quite ticklish...
Give his belly a little squeeze and you'll hear the cutest little giggles.
And I think that's the report.
Oh! Wait!
Kid loves the bath.
Like, loooooves the bath!
Gummy grins the whole time.
There are way too many nakey baby bath pictures on my phone right now.

We are beyond obsessed with our little mister. I seriously couldn't imagine our family without him or his chubby cheeks.


  1. What a sweetheart!! We need to see you guys soon!

    1. yes yes yes! we need some more Ivie Fam in our life!


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