Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Johnboy @ 2 MONTHS

[[[Technically Johnny turns 3 months tomorrow....clearly I'm a little behind on posting this. But better late than never, eh?]]]
Johnny's first two months with us have gone by so fast and so slow at the same time.

Keepin' it real: If there's one thing John has taught us in these first two months, it would be that Rae was the best baby in the whole entire world.

John isn't a bad baby. In fact, I think compared to most babies, he'd still be considered easy. But compared to Rae...I mean, that chick came home from the hospital sleeping 5 hour stretches. She pooped once a day. She seldom cried. And we just thought that was normal.

John has literally spent the last two months pooping. Non-stop. Hashtag: such a boy. And he wants to eat every two hours. And it takes about 45 minutes to feed him. Which means I've been barely sleeping an hour through the night. Actually, the problem at night has more to do with his pooping than it does his hunger. I know he'd sleep longer before waking up hungry, but he poops all night which wakes him up...and then he's like, "While I'm up....." But then he goes right back to sleep after eating, which I'm so grateful for.

At exactly 2 months, John spoiled me with an 8-hour (and 15 minute) stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Crossing my fingers his digestive system is going to calm down and let us sleep a bit more.

A couple weeks in, we figured out that dairy doesn't sit well with Johnny's tummy. So I've been on a strict no-dairy diet since then. I've learned that my diet almost completely consists of dairy-containing products. Cereal, pizza, yogurt, cheese, ice stinks. Before we figured out it was the dairy, John was really hard. We even threw around the term 'colic'....I almost made a chain count-down to that magic 3-month mark. But then we tested out the milk thing and boom, he was like a new baby. Still hungry and poopy, but no more 2 hour-long stretches of screaming and bouncing and refusing to sleep.

Around a month, our boy started smiling. Only at his sister though. She is the best at getting out those gummy grins that we love so much. Since then he's started smiling more and more, but it still takes a little effort from us.

He never wore newborn clothes, and most of his 0-3 month wardrobe is already too tight. At 6 weeks he weighed 14 pounds, which was literally off the charts when compared to other babies his age. 16 days later he weighed 15 pounds. Hashtag: chunky is the new hunky? After having problems nursing Rae (she was technically considered failure to thrive for a second), I'm so so proud of his chub. And the kid wears is well, if you ask me.

He really is a good, happy baby. And we are beyond obsessed with his chubby self.

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