Tuesday, December 23, 2014

lots of things, but mainly the circus!

So here's a funny story.
Just a second ago I jumped on my computer to tryyyyy to catch up on this here blog.
Pinterest was up, so I of course got distracted and started browsing. I'm telling ya, I was like IN LOVE with every pin I saw. I was like a re-pinning machine. I couldn't believe all these great ideas were all here, bam, right next to each other....there wasn't anything that I wasn't sooo digging.
And then.
I noticed that I was on my own profile account page.....in one of my own folders. So pretty much everything I was looking at (and repining) was something that I had already seen, and pinned.
Then I got embarrassed.
The end.

For reals now.

I am super determined to catch up on all the recent happenings of our lives, so be prepared for like 80 posts in the next very-short-span-of-time.

Starting with.......

An outing to the circus!

I finally won a giveaway on the cutest little blog!
My prize: tickets to the circus!

We met up with our cute friends and seriously had a blast.

Rae was a little freaked out at first, but she settled down and figured it all out.

There weren't any animals, which I was super happy about. I don't mean to get all 'peta' on you, but my heart always broke a little bit for the circus animals I saw as a kid.

So this circus was all clowns and juggling and all kinds of talents that made everyone gasp and cheer!

It seriously was so much fun! And soooo fun to watch Rae and Evan watching it all with wonder and awe. That's one of the best parts of parenthood, I tell ya!

And HOLLER for checking off numero 25 on our little bucket list! Whoopidy-whoop!

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