Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 months of John

I'm tempted to say that cliche "I can't believe it's already been four months" line....but honestly, I can believe it's been four months. Actually, I'm surprised it's only been four months. Johnny just feels so much older to me. Maybe it's because he's so big?

4-month stats: Height: 27inches (>97%). Weight: 17lb 4oz (90%). Head Circumference: 17inches (74%).

Johnboy definitely started out as a tough baby, but it's safe to say that he's totally chilled out. In fact, that's easily a word I would use to describe him....chill.

Kid loves to smile. Simply glance at him and he'll break into a gummy grin. Basically, if he's getting attention, he's a happy camper.

Nursing is still a success. After Rae's experience, I feel like we've been prepared for my milk to fail at any second. But I think it's safe to say that we did it. We're doing it, and it's great....for the most part. Keepin' it real: up until like 3 weeks ago, I hated breastfeeding. Like, hated it. But now that he only eats every 4 hours, and it's so quick, it's much easier. And he's finally tolerating the tiniest smidgen of dairy which is a total game changer for my attitude. So, ya. We're stickin' to it! Ultimate punch!!

Johnboy spent most of the month sleeping 10ish hours straight at night, and then a growth spurt hit last week and we're back down to 5-7 hours. Not the end of the world....but also not super fun.

He loves to laugh and he thinks his dad is just the funniest person in existence.

He wants to watch Rae all day long. He is so fascinated by her, and his day is made when she gives him even the slightest bit of attention. Thankfully, she's a pretty big fan of him too. Just last night we looked over to see Rae laying down beside Johnny, with her favorite blankie covering both of them. Johnny had grabbed onto Rae's hand, and they were just laying there, chillin, as happy as can be.

He just figured out how to grab things! So his play mat has hit a whole new level of entertainment for him!

Also....his hands are in is mouth as much as possible. He's fallen asleep with his whole fist stuffed in there before. It.was.hilarious.

No rolling yet. But, I don't blame him. That tummy has got to weigh a ton!

Okay. I just spent the first half of this post talking about how my kid is sooo chill. And now I'm going to talk about how my kid is high maintenance. It's a contradiction, I know. But I still stand by both adjectives. And here's why. His personality is chill...he's smiley, happy, goes to sleep super easy, great napper, loves his carseat and the car, takes a binky, etc etc etc...his personality is just easy. But there are aspects of him that are like soo demanding.
For example, he's got eczema and cradle cap. So we have to use a special soap in the bath, and then his after-bath routine is like beyond tedious. Pat dry (don't rub!) with a towel that's only been washed in dreft, then baby oil all over, followed by eczema lotion on shoulders, elbows, and legs, then a mixture of hydrocortisone cream and vaseline on any rolls or sores that he might have. And then, when he's good and slimy, we try to slide him in some cozy pj's and a hat to keep him from getting everything else all greasy.
Example number two. He's got a stiff muscle in his neck, which means that he prefers to look one way over the other, which means that he's got a nice little flat spot on the back-right side of his head. It's pretty bad. Like very obvious. Furthermore, since he's always laying with his head looking to the right, his right ear gets bent up. So now, his right ear totally sticks waaaaay out.
I promise that we do everything we can to make his head look left, but it's not helping. Sigh. We might just have to resort to having a helmet-baby. Whoop whoop. I'll keep ya posted.

Anyways. We love our little lop-sided, happy, slimy baby. My heart is overflowing with love for him. It is not a rare occasion to find all three of us surrounding him, just staring. Smitten is what we are!

Alright, now that this is like the longest post ever....pictures from month 4 with Johnny:

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