Monday, January 12, 2015

flashback to thanksgiving

We were lucky enough to call dibs on my parents this past Thanksgiving. They hadn't ever been to AZ, and we were dying to show them our little home. Plus, I figured it was time I cook my own Thanksgiving dinner, and that's a little more fun when you have company to eat it with!

Oh my gosh, you guys. It was seriously so much fun!

1. My kids were in total heaven! My mom had to work a couple days while she was here, and Rae would just sit in her room with her, at her feet or on her lap, and just quietly play. Rae hardly left her side all week.

2. Showing off our new little hometown was seriously so much fun for us. Just showing my parents where we spend our the library, the outdoor mall, our favorite was just kinda special to show them what our little life here looks like.

3. Making my first thanksgiving dinner was nothing short of daunting. I wanted my mom to sit back and relax, but I also needed her expertise often! Even though I made mostly everything, it wouldn't have been even half as good without her there. Honestly, it would have been a flop. But it was a smashing success! For reals, we all agreed that it was probably the best, most moist, flavorful turkey we'd ever had. It was so fun and so goooood!

4. One of the best parts of their visit was that we got to do the whole Thanksgiving thing...and then immediately after, we started the Christmas scene! My dad helped G put up the christmas lights, we visited Santa and watched him light the tree, and my parents even gave the kids early presents. It felt like two holidays in one.

5. Rae was soooo into the Christmas lights, so almost every night we'd go on a walk around the neighborhood to see all the decorated houses. To her delight, like three of the houses on our block have inflatable Minnie Mouses! It was such a sweet experience to watch her in such awe with my parents.

6. One of my dad's favorite things to do is hike....and with such nice weather and such close trails, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go with him. We woke up early one day and hit a trail close by. It wasn't too difficult, around 5ish miles and not too steep, but it was so much fun! It was a highlight of the trip for me!

I could go on and on, but I'll just say that I loved having my parents here! And my kids loved it even more!!! Mom and Dad, COME BACK SOON!!!!
keepin it real: the rolls were a total flop!! two failed homemade batches later....rhodes to the rescue!
^also gotta give this girl some credit! she was my biggest helper!^

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