Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Idaho in November [part 1]

So back at the beginning of November [of LAST year], we took ourselves on a little trip to Idaho.
Miss Maddee was coming home from her mission and seriously, we could hardly stand the excitement. Like, anticipation times one million. More on this in the next post. You know, or else it would be a picture avalanche going on over here. 

I braved the flight there with two kiddo's by myself a few days early so I could steal some extra time with family. I was super nervous to try to juggle Rae (who is slightly afraid of flights) in her own big-girl seat, nursing John, all our bags, and just the chaos that comes with traveling, all by myself....it was like the perfect set up for disaster. Thankfully, both my kiddo's were completely dreamy that day and it was a smashing success.
^okay, there was the slight almost-disaster where they changed my gate on me and there was like no way I was going to make it across the airport in time for boarding. But they called me one of those little carts, and before I knew it, we were being zipped over to our correct gate. Rae cheered and squealed "chooo choooo!" the whole time. I was okay with her believing it was a train ;)^
I spent the first few days with Kyle and his adorable fam. I got to meet Miss Maddyn and they got to meet my Johnny. Those two babe's are only 2 days apart and I can just tell that they are going to have a special bond growing up. It was such a treat to watch them interact.
Tayler, Ryenn, and Rae had a total blast together too. I'm tellin' ya, those girls are like the sweetest cousins ever. They treated Rae like a princess....surrounding her with toys and books and dressing her up in their best dresses. She was in heaven.
^one of my favorite pictures evah!^
A month or two prior to our trip, I called Kyle to tell him we were coming. I also told him that we would probably be blessing Johnny while we were there. To our delight, they decided to bless Maddyn the same weekend so that we could all be involved in each others blessings. Upon hearing this, Leah and Chase, who had yet to bless Nash, decided to join the party. And my parents, well, they weren't about to miss out on THREE grand babies being blessed (more on that: HERE). So. Just like that, 16 of the 25 Enzlers were set to be together for a quick second.

And when I say quick, I mean, it was like really quick. But we still managed to get some great memories out of it! One afternoon we all met up at the park and let the kiddo's run wild. Really it ended up being all us siblings hanging-out, chatting, while Mimi and Papa soaked up every second with their grand-babies . They chased them around the park, caught them on the slides, carried them across the monkey bars, and lifted them up the climbing wall....it was heaven for all.
^these two.....I mean....big time heart-eyes!"
Afterwards we lunched at Bowl of Heaven. All these cute cousins are kind of at the perfect age to step away from 'mom and dad' and just have a blast with each other. And even though it always turns into total chaos, it's totally worth it to see them forming these life-long bonds with these precious kiddo's who will always be in their lives. It's one of my greatest wishes for my kids...that they'll grow up loving their cousins as much as I did.
And just like that, our little Enzler reunion was over. Even though it was so quick, I still left feeling satisfied and filled with love. I seriously can't imagine a better group of people for my kids to call aunt, uncle, and cousin. We are so blessed.

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