Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Idaho in November [part 2]

So, like I said in the last post, the whole reason for our little Idaho getaway was because Miss Madelyn was coming home from the Philippines. A year and a half is just way too long and we could not wait to wrap our arms around her.

She left when Rae was barely crawling, and she was coming home to a running, jumping, talking toddler! Not to mention two new nephews that she had yet to even meet!

We all arrived at the airport an easy-hour early. We were just too excited....and like, what if she for some reason got in early?! She didn't get there early. But that's okay. Rae and Charlie were beyond obsessed with the balloons we had. So that provided ample entertainment while we waited.
Just before she came out, a cute little mom with three kids stood in front of the exit with a 'welcome home daddy' sign. Her husband was serving our country and it was pretty obvious that he had been gone for a decent chunk of time. Needless to say, before Madelyn even came out, we were all in tears.

When she finally did come out, it was seriously the sweetest sight to see. As soon as we saw her, Garrett's mom left the group and ran up as close to the terminal-exit as she could. Mads was sort of sauntering out, but she ran those last few steps into her mom's arms. It was a privilege to witness such a reunion.
I think it was all hugs and tears for a solid 10-minutes. Mads gave Rae a huge hug and immediately handed her a candy bar from the Philippines. If Rae had any doubts about Auntie Mads before that, they instantly disappeared. Unfortunately, Garrett didn't get into town until later that night, but he hopped off the airplane with an In-N-Out burger for Madelyn, and you bet she scarfed it right down!
The rest of the weekend consisted of stories and souvenirs from the Philippines, lots of love for Johnny, fun games, and of course, such good food! Charlie and Rae played side-by-side and practiced their sharing. You could often find both of them harmonizing their own little medley on the piano together. The weather was amazing, so we played outside tons and walked the neighborhood to visit the goats and horses.

Madelyn's presence (and humor) has definitely been missed this last year and a half. But she picked right up as if she never left. Just hanging out in the Frame's living room, with Charlie and Rae running around, and random do-dads from the Philippines sprawled about....it's one of my favorite memories from the trip.

The weekend came to an end waaaaay too quickly and we might have been a little teary as we boarded the plane. The countdown to our next reunion (AT DISNEYLAND!!!!) began immediately!!

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