Thursday, January 08, 2015

welcome to 2015

It's almost 2pm.
I'm pretty sure that I've only eaten two cookies and the last bite of Rae's unwanted applesauce today.

I know for a fact that I have throw-up in my hair.

Since we got home from California five days ago, I've gotten a total of........zeeero restful nights of sleep.
We've made four runs to the grocery store.
Washed, dried, and folded eight loads of laundry.
Reset one dislocated elbow (that I had to pop in all by myself.....shudder face).
Given eight baths.
Drank three Jamba Juices.
Watched countless episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Last night Rae woke up in a cough attack, which ended with her throwing up all over her bed.
She hasn't been able to keep anything down for 48 hours now.

Garrett blew up the air mattress and slept in her room with her, trying to keep her calm every time she had a coughing fit in the night.

Meanwhile, I tried to tackle Johnny and his growth-spurt-cold combo. Starving babies and stuffy noses is not a recipe for fun. On the bright snot-sucker skillz are on par.

We're pretty tired over here. And like, in dire need of some Dr. Pepper.

But we are happy with the cuddles and the snotty kisses and the never-ending supply of juice happening in our fridge right now.

Also. Looking at pictures like this sure do brighten our days....Lets just pretend we're still there, kay?

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