Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hooray for February!

Yikes, you guys.
I'm serious when I say that this January was the worst. Like, gut-punch after gut-punch after gut-punch.

Runny noses, sore throats, and lots of throwing up.
Growth spurts and rocking sick babies for hours into the night.
Car troubles, expensive medicines, and unexpected medical bills.
My house was messy pretty much non-stop.
And I slept a cumulative total of like three hours all month.

And even though February has been one trillion times better...I feel like we're still recovering from the mess that was January.
A couple things since we spoke last:

Miss Rae is potty trained! Whoop whoop! We're a couple weeks in and I have to say...she's got it! We followed the 3-day method and those three days were like seriously the wooooorst. Well, mostly day 1 was just like, not-fun. But then day 2 was tons better, and day 3 was almost perfect!
I have to say though, I do not think that having a potty trained toddler is easier, by any means, than having a toddler still in diapers. Less stinky, yes. But easier, no way. I really don't see what all the rush is, or why there's pressure to have your kids potty trained at 18-months. I remember feeling all panicky that I wasn't putting Rae on the potty at 18-months, which is so silly because diapers are just so much easier and much less stressful. I honestly wouldn't have minded having her in diapers for another 6-months, but she was ready...and buying diapers isn't fun.
So. That happened. I'm am so proud of my girl for figuring it all out and being such a potty champ.
The best part about Rae being potty trained? Seeing her cute little bum cheeks through her leggings. I is the cutest thing ever! Also, the fact that she takes every opportunity she can to tell everyone that she's a 'big kid' now!
Johnny John needs a helmet. That poor kid. He's seriously the sweetest, happiest, chillest baby ever. But he just cannot catch a dang break. The doctors tell me it's less of a result of a tight muscle in his neck, and more likely due to his size in the womb. And the fact that I carried him so low, and he was engaged in my hips for so long.
(I mean, I tried to tell everyone! But did anyone believe me?! And then I popped out a 10-pound kid with a 15-inch head that was so squished that it's now deformed. I mean....come on! Thank you very much.)
Anyways. This whole thing has been a source of stress for like....well, 5 months. We spent his first 4 months trying to turn his head as much as we could and doing anything to have him look left. But it was just getting worse. Finally we were referred to the baby-helmet people. And we've been trying to figure out what route to take for the past month.
Which, I know that like of course, he's going to be fine. But I still feel like a crummy mom. I mean, no one wants to see their sweet baby have anything wrong with them, or have to wear a helmet for months. And it's lame, but ya can't help but worry about what people are going to think. Of him, first of all, but also of me as his mother. Ya know? Like, totally lame things to worry about, I know. But they still weigh on my heart.
And like, am I going to be able to kiss on his cute baldy head anymore?!
But of course, ya do what ya gotta do. And happily, if it helps mr johnboy.
So that's in the works. Stay tuned for more updates as we figure things out.
Both G and I are another year older! Holler!
Yes, we both had birthdays and they were smashing successes!
More on this later as I'm stillllllll hoping to catch up on this little bloggity of mine.
^this pic has nothing to do with our b-days, i just like it.^
While Jan and Feb are likely my least-favorite months in every other state of the US (weather-wise), they are definitely my favorite months here in AZ. The thermostat stays off, the windows stay open, and it's like breathing happiness. We spend as much time outside as we can possibly manage! Walks, outings to the park, dinner on the patio, and picnics on the grass!
We liiiiiiiterally went swimming yesterday. And it was like, beyond delightful. Yes. Let the record show that we spent February 11th galavanting about in our swimsuits!
Arizona, my heart is yours.

Okay. That's all I can think of for now.

Am I being so naive in thinking that I can still catch up on this blog?
I think I'm a little shy of 2 months behind.
But like Christmas?
And Disneyland!
I have to post about California!
And Johnny turned 5-months yesterday.

So, wish me luck. Because I'm going to try.

Feel free to stick around.

But no pressure.

Thanks for hanging out this long.

You are loved.


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