Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Johnny John. 5 months.

My Johnboy is 5 months old. I am liiiiiterally obsessed with that kid. Like, I couldn't possibly love him any more than I do....but I said that yesterday, and I proved that wrong today. So, ya never know.


Just a couple points to remember:

  • Rolling, rolling, rolling. Hasn't mastered rolling from front to back yet he just squeals until we help him to his back. And then he rolls to his tummy within literally .2 seconds. That's pretty much how my day goes all day every day. 
  • Started off the month sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night (thanks to a growth spurt/ cold combo), but we're finally back to 11-12 hour stretches and it is heavenly.
  • Did all the prep work for a helmet for his little crooked-headed self. Poor kid.
  • Rae was sitting up by herself by 5 months, but Johnny's head is just too darn heavy. Poor kid tries so hard but that head just plops right over. 
  • He is such a happy, smiley babe. All the time we look over to see him just cheesin' at us with the biggest gummy grin and the cutest squinty eyes. 
  • He loves his big sister. He saves most of his giggles for her.....and then dad. There are rarely any left over for me. 
  • Still not tolerating dairy in my diet very well....trying to think of solutions.
  • Turns into the biggest fishy in the bath.....starts kicking with excitement as soon as we turn the water on.
  • Really just a super chill, happy baby. 

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