Monday, April 20, 2015

since then

So I pretty much give myself an F in blogging these past few months. Which I know I'm going to be kicking myself for later. But life has been a whole new level of crazy lately and I'm having a hard time settling into this new 'normal.'

My goodness, where do I even begin.

Last time I blogged, baby J had just turned 5 months. Well, he turned 6 months...and then 7 months. He also got his super super attractive helmet, which I literally hate every second of every day. But, it's helping his head shape and that's all that really matters, right? Right.

He's a master roller and started scooting around at about 6.5 months. He get's up on all four's and rocks back and forth...but no crawling yet. Something tells me that I should baby-proof a bit more than I did with Rae....I think this kid is going to give me a run for my money once he tastes a little bit of freedom.

He straight up said 'mama' two days ago and my heart soared. He had no idea what he was really saying...but he said it and I died of happiness.

Rae...The chick literally never stops talking. Ever. Like, you guys. Evvver. And it's sweet and cute and funny.....but also sometimes I'm like, "please...for one second...stop."

She started and finished her first tumbling class which was so much fun to watch. Girlfriend turned into a summersault machine! And now she just started in a little dance class (that actually turned out to be more of an exercise class...but that's okay).

Her favorite place in the whole world is the park and she asks to go every day. This is normally how the conversation goes:
Rae: "Can we go to the park today?"
Me: "No babe, not today."
Rae: "After nap time we can go to the park!"
Me: "No, we are too busy. We can't go to the park today."
Rae: (talking to herself) "If you go poo-poo in the potty, we can go to the park!"
Me: "Rae, we can't go to the park today. Maybe tomorrow."
Rae: "We'll just see mom, huh? We'll just see..."

Speaking of which, we potty trained back in January which I think I already covered on here. We've officially crossed the bridge to where it's easier to be in undies than it was to be in diapers...which is awesome. Plus her little bum jiggling about in leggings.....seriously kills me!!

What else...

Garrett went out of town for a long weekend at the beginning of March, which left me alone with both kids for the first time. I wouldn't recommend it.

It's mid-April and I think we've already been swimming close to 15 times this year. Holler!

We're getting a new nephew soon and I am so excited I seriously just want to jump on a plane to PA and just sit there waiting for his arrival.

Also, I'm in the market for cute summery dresses. Please share your wisdom!

And finally....we're desperately in need of a huuuuuge health-kick over here. Like....once this week I may or may not have had three cookies and a root beer float all before 3pm. I'm cooooooonsidering whole30, but I'm not completely sold on it. No grains? But whole grains are I feel like it looses a little credibility for that. And also, I feel like everyone is doing it, which I'm like, is that because it's just the cool thing to do right now, or because it really is rad?

Sending happy and lovey vibes your way, frieeeends!


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  1. All these pictures kill me! Your kids are too cute!!


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