Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NYC day 2

We woke up tired (thank you construction) but ready to rock & roll on our second day in the city! First on the list was the Statue of Liberty. We took the subway down to Battery Park and quickly admired the view of the harbor and the Sphere from the world trade center grounds...I wish we had more time here, but we were in a bit of a hurry.

We made it to the Staten Island Ferry just in time and had a lovely little ride across the harbor. The kids loved being on a boat and it was an awesome (free) way to get a closer look at Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and the gorgeous skyline.

The Statue of Liberty was probably Rae's favorite part of our time in the city. She still brings it up all the time and every few days she throws a little fit that I won't take her back. If you're going to the city, seeing the Statue of Liberty is a must. Whether you just see it from Battery Park, the Staten Island Ferry, or you take the boat right up to the island...you have to see it.
^lady liberty to the left!^
^ g frame: the photographer :) ^
After that we zipped up to Ground Zero. This was definitely Garrett's favorite part of the city and ohmygosh, it was amazing. The museum, you guys. So beautifully done. I will say though, we almost missed the guts of the museum because it's not laid out in the most obvious way.

The whole thing is literally underground, beneath the pools where the towers stood. You can even see the foundations for both buildings, which was so powerful in and of itself. There are smashed fire trucks, and beautiful art displays of the color of the sky that day. There's an entire room with pictures of every single victim and videos playing with tributes to each of them.  And then of course all the tributes to the first responders, those brave heroes.

Then, there are two doors that don't look very exciting, but behind them is the timeline of the whole day. I wish I had gotten three more hours in that room to soak everything up. This was the guts of the museum and where I felt the spirit of that day the strongest. I could never give justice to how beautifully and tastefully it was done. At the end, projected on the wall were quotes from victims loved ones. One read, "I didn't want that day to end, terrible as it was....it was still a day that I'd shared with Sean." I lost it.
Our sweet Johnny was born on Septmeber 11th, which some might say is unideal. But honestly, it's been really powerful and beautiful to focus on the many many hero's of that day, and the way our country stood together after such a massive tragedy. And the museum portrayed that so well.
^notice the people in the bottom corner of this picture which really gives good scale perspective for this foundation^
^garrett being so garrett^
^"NO DAY SHALL ERASE YOU FROM THE MEMORY OF TIME" This is a wall of watercolors from artists in the area who saw the sky that day....they were trying to portray the color that the sky really was, instead of the black/gray smoke that eventually covered that beautiful blue. I thought it was so beautiful.^

Next we went to Times Square. We just hung out for a while here, drinking hot chocolate and people watching. And then we ventured inside the Disney Store, M&M's world, and the Hersey's store. All of which were awesome!
^for some reason i just love this picture so so much!...maybe because of James' squinty eye?^

That night we went to Luke's Lobster for dinner, which was a recommendation from Taza's NYC guides. Oh man, lobster rolls to die for. This was probably Garrett's second favorite part of our time in the city!

We ended our day at Empire State building. I know it's so touristy, but I think it's one of those things that you just can't miss. We all loved seeing the city at night from above. You can't deny that it's pretty amazing!
^ We got to ride up in our own elevator because we were like this big pack of babies and strollers! When the elevator opened at the top, the lady working there was like "Hello stroller family!!!!! Welcome to the Empire State Building!!" ^
^my handsome dudes^
^this group....i'll tell ya...so fun!^

The last of NYC coming soon.....

[day 3 here]

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