Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NYC: the last of it

[day 1 here]
[day 2 here]

3 posts in a week.....I'm on a roll!!

Okay, trying not to be cheesy, but touring New York City wouldn't have been nearly as fun without the company we had. I can't tell you how many funny looks we got walking through the streets. Me, Garrett, Laren, and James, as young as we all are...with two toddlers, a baby, and another baby on the way. We had strollers and baby carriers and diaper bags galore, and it never slowed us down!

Going up and down the stairs of the subway, Garrett would grab the front of both strollers and James would hold up the back of both strollers and somehow they gracefully maneuvered stairs all over the city without a hiccup.

Plus Charlie and Rae have become the sweetest friends. Running around the apartment in between adventures screaming and laughing, it was so fun to watch!

Our last morning in the city was really just a little exploration. We found a farmers market in Union Square that was fun to walk around, and then we made our way to The City Cafe. This was another one of Taza's recommendations, and I gotta say, not my favorite. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I'm like a hot chocolate junkie and I don't think I even finished mine. The marshmallow was fun, and the ambiance made for the cutest little escape from the all in all, worth it. The chocolate chip cookie, though.....that was everything I dreamed of and more. So, go for that, but don't feel bad if you miss out on the hot chocolate.

After that we did a little shopping on our way to Madison Square Park and the Flat Iron Building. Just as we got there it started to SNOW, so we soaked it all in for one quick second and headed home.

We stopped in Grand Central and wandered for a bit, just imagining the people that have come and gone through that beautiful lobby in it's lifetime. One of my favorite place to people-watch for sure.

And that was that, it was a sad goodbye, but such a good trip with fun memories made!

Until next time New York....

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