Friday, May 08, 2015

The Frames Take New York

Oh my gosh.

Where does the time go?
What do I do all day?
Why is my house always messy?

Remember the days when I used to have time to sit down and blog? Sigh. It was such a creative outlet for me. Writing gave my brain that little spark that can sometimes get lost when 99% of my conversations are with a 2-year old and a baby babe.

I started blogging about our recent New York trip, and I wanted to do a whole "How to do two days...on a super duper tight budget....with kiddos!" dealio. But lets face it, aint nobody got time for that.

So. I'm just gonna break it down over here.

Shall we?

I've been itching to take G Frame to NYC since our very first best friend days.

[side note: I got to go to new york at the beginning of our friendship and I bought garrett a nyc shirt in times square. It was one of the few shirts that he brought with him on his mission and for some reason I was always like, "See...he does love me! He brought my shirt with him to Australia!" Because, we all know that that is a definite sign of true love....]

I have a lot of family on the east coast and my heart was aching to see them. So when an opportunity arose to go back east and our bank account matched up, we pounced. We spent our first 2.5 days in the city, doing the whole tourist thing. And then we relaxed in New Jersey for the last 3.5 days.

Garrett's sister and her family joined us in the city and I got to play tour guide. Talk about pressure. I so badly wanted them to love that city as much as I do. I'm such a a fault...and I was so hoping everything would go smoothly. We ended up getting an amazing apartment on airbnb and we scheduled our days perfectly. It was such a relief to see it all work out!

Here's a little peek of day 1.

For breakfast our first morning, G and I wanted some authentic nyc bagels. Unfortunately, without realizing it, we accidentally spent THIRTY dollars on the most disgusting bagels in the entire world. Garrett and I BOTH almost lost it. Maybe someday I'll write the whole story out...but for now, lets just keep on movin' before my Johnny John wakes up.
With empty stomachs and the nastiest taste in our mouth, we started to explore. We walked down to St Patricks &  St Thomas cathedral. Both were breathtaking.
Can we all just laugh for a second over Rae's face in these first two pics?! 
Then we walked a few blocks further to FAO Schwarts. I think the toy-soldiers were my favorite, the Lego's were Garrett's favorite, and Rae was a fan of the candy section! We spent a good chunk of time exploring and letting Rae do her thing. Of course we played the 'Big' piano and of course we got a souvenir! Sally the Unicorn, lovingly named by my Grandpa.

We walked back the the apartment slowly, really taking in the city in all it's cliche beauty. Construction on every corner, non-stop honking, hot dog stands and fake purse vendors, polluted air, and the highest skylines........can I just say, though, I think New York has some of the nicest people. Pretty sure they looked at the lot of us like we were babies carrying around a million more babies, but they were really helpful and considerate. Minus they guy who peed in the subway elevator...I'm not a fan of him.

After a quick nap time and a Rae-Charlie reunion for the books....we were off again! Lunch at Shake Shack followed by an outing to the Museum of Natural History. Don't mind if we do, thank you!

Then we took our time doing the whole 'central park' thing. In all my visits to New York, I had never really spent a decent chunk of time in Central Park. I was so glad that I got to experience it this time! It really is so amazing to be in a beautiful park surrounded by the most elegant two opposite worlds that only emphasize each other's beauty. So cheesy, I know.

At the very last minute, Garrett snagged us broadway tickets to WICKED!!! Oh my gosh. I could be super super super dramatic here and it wouldn't even give justice to my feelings on the matter. Like, seriously. Dream. Come. True. Shoutout to Laren & James for watching our kiddo's and giving us the most amazing date night in the city. It's pretty rare for Garrett and I to get much alone time here at to have a night out on the NEW was amazing! And Wicked was all I ever dreamed of and more. It was definitely my favorite part of our time in the city.

Day 2, comin' atcha....tomorrow...or next month. Ya never know!

[day 2 here]
[day 3 here]

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