Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Grandpa Clancy

While partying in New York City was kind of the best ever, at the same time I could hardly wait for our next adventure. My sweet grandpa was pretty much the inspiration behind the whole trip out east, so I was more than anxious to wrap my arms around him and give his cheek a big ol' kiss.

I can remember countless occasions of eating crab and burgers at his house, exploring his basement, and playing with his dog Max as a kid. Sitting in his living room now, with my own little kids running (and scooting) around, it was such a sweet experience. Something I'll treasure forever.
We pulled up and my grandpa was waiting at the door for us. He immediately hurried out and scooped up miss Rae. This was his first time meeting both Rae and John....in fact, it was his first time even meeting Garrett. Anyone who knows Rae knows that she can be quite shy and timid...she definitely needs time to warm up to people. So it was especially tender to watch her wrap her arms around him and rest her head on his shoulder. It makes me tear up every time I think of it.
We sat and chatted, laughed at old memories, and listened to stories from my Grandpa's childhood. We talked about his and Marie's upcoming big move to Florida, and what a fun adventure that will be for them! We talked books, and weather, and he asked me for my thoughts on Obama (hah!). At one point he stopped me and asked, "Now Kaela...how many more kids ARE you going to have?!!"

As a kid, I vividly remember my grandpa pulling me onto his lap, squeezing me tight and telling me that out of all of his many many grandchildren, that I was definitely his favorite. I would light up and giggle and wrap my arms around him. Before he let me down, he'd make me promise to not tell any of the other cousins, because of course they would be so sad if they knew. I would solemnly promise to keep it our secret. Shortly after, I remember him pulling each one of my cousins on his lap, giving them a squeeze, and whispering into their ear as well. I've always wondered what he was telling them....;)

I love that sweet guy, and it was a dream come true to introduce him to my little family.

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