Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Captain Garrett

For years Garrett has been giving me not-so-subtle reminders that someday he wants to get his pilot license. I don't know, maybe I'm too big of a nie-nie fan, but I always veto that idea right away. Too dangerous. Too too dangerous. He knows that if he is to ever get it, it wouldn't be for a looooong time ($$$)....but I think he brings it up now and then just to slowly wear me down on the idea.
Maybe it's working too, since this year for Fathers Day I had the idea to get him a flying lesson. I thought of it a couple months in advance and started doing my research. We're not big 'surprisers' for each other....we always end up giving it away early, just because we're too excited. But this time I was determined to hold out.
That guy, he is the best dad ever. Best husband. Best provider. Best partner in crime. Best listener. Best teaser. Best flirt. Best bottle-maker. Best diaper changer. Best at making me laugh. Best compromiser. Best friend.
So I really really wanted to make it a special day for him.
I ended up finding out that our bishop and friend is a pilot instructor, and he offered to take Garrett up for us at a really great deal. He was in on the surprise too! We had it all set up at least a month in advance, and it was so hard not to spill the beans. Anytime I'd see a little plane flying around I wanted to bring it up, or ask suuuuuuuper subtle questions liiiiiike, "So......hypothetically speaking, how excited would you be if I got you a flying lesson for Fathers day.....hypothetically, of course!" But I held my tongue. I even made him believe that we had dentist appointments that day, just to make sure that he could be late to work.
About a week before the lesson, I decided to tell him. I'm a big believer in anticipation...and as much fun as it would be to wake him up that morning and send him off to his surprise, I wanted him to be able to look forward to it, to have that anticipation and excitement.

Everything ended up going flawlessly. They had about an hour of engine time, 45 minutes of flying time. It was a training plane, similar to drivers ed cars, so they both had all the controls in front of them but Garrett ended up doing most of the flying by himself. He eventually confessed to me that there was one moment where they each thought the other was flying, when actually neither of them were, and they were pretty much in a free fall. Not my favorite thing to hear...
They did a few weightless falls on purpose, just to feel the zero-gravity. And they did some tight maneuvers for fun too. Some of the scenery....it was right at sunrise, which made for the prettiest lighting. At one point Garrett even called me, telling me to come outside as he flew overhead. It was pretty dang cool!

So. You'll have to ask him...but I thiiiiink it was a Father's Day success.
^purple mountain majesties....heart eyes^
^the iphone camera made him look eeeeexxxxxtra teeny tiny, but still! that's him!^

So. I know I've vetoed the pilots license. And I stand by that. Buuuuuut seriously? I think he looks kinda dang sexy as a pilot.

Happy Fathers Day G Frame. I love you times a million!

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