Thursday, July 16, 2015

Disney Magic [no.1]

So, I think the biggest tragedy in my little blogging hiatus of late, is that the most e-p-i-c california/disney trip happened to fall smack dab in the middle of it. Garrett always teases, "if you don't blog it.....did it even happen?" And I laugh and roll my eyes....but lets get real, this little internet spot is such a good reminder of all our adventures, and I fell like it just wouldn't be right to keep chugging along without documenting the magic we experienced with the Frame gang in good ol' California. Because it was magic, in it's purest, most glittery form.

Madelyn got home from her mission in November, and with Nathan's mission just around the corner, it was the perfect time to get together for a little family vacay! Disneyland was decided pretty early, and we all looked forward to it for months and moooooonths! It felt like forever that we were counting down, but that made the excitement and anticipation just that much better.

I've always meant to blog it, but now we're 7 months out and all I've got is a couple insta-pages in my latest chatbook to show for it. So, I decided to start a little series to document the most magical moments. Moments that I couldn't stand to forget.

I present to you:


Dun da da DAAAAA!

Our first moments of Disney.

It may not seem like much.
After all the anticipation.
All the counting down.
Showing Rae youtube video's of the rides so our little anxiety queen could enjoy it more.
Waking up early and getting all ready.
Walking to the park that morning-- with our whole gang, two strollers, and diaper bags stuffed with everything we could possibly need for three little kiddos in tow!

Those first steps in the park. 


There were  t w e l v e  of us.
And there were  t w e l v e  smiles.

We walked straight to Small World,
waited in line for half a second,
and then our group filled an entire line of boats.

All eyes were on Rae and Charlie.
Though, it seemed as if they didn't know quite where to look.

I'm going to just throw it out there and say that they loved it.
The music.
The dancing dolls.
The fact that we were in boooaaaats!

In all reality, that first ride of the day was less laughing and smiling, and more wide eyes and dropped jaws. But in the sweetest way. Their little worlds were rocked.

I'm telling you guys.
It was magical.
It was tangible.
I can still taste it as I write about it now.

We spent the next 30 minutes riding princess horses on the carousel, spinning in teacups, and soaring with flying elephants. And then we scarfed some cotton candy before noon, because why not?! I'm pretty sure the rules of health do not apply at Disneyland.

^top right: char and rae havin' a little chit-chat before we started. // bottom right: nathan. i couldn't not.^
^that sweet Johnnyboy. my goodness, he was the best disney baby you ever did see.^
^mark this as the beginning of Rae's lifelong cotton candy addiction^
^this picture....every detail just makes me so happy^
^We rode on the pink Dumbo, and Rae insisted that we fly as low as possible so we could wave to Grandma and Grandpa over and over again.^

Stay tuned. More of that comin atcha.

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