Friday, July 10, 2015

the taylors visit az

Less than a week after Tiffini and her family left, Leah and her cute family stopped in for a visit. Chase had a super last minute business trip down here and Leah and the kiddos tagged along. You guys, I don't know why I don't live next door to all of my's pretty much my biggest life dream. Maybe the time apart makes us appreciate the time we are together though, because we always have seriously the best time ever.

They were here for a solid week and we filled our time with all things fun! The kids got to play, and the parents got to chat. What more can you ask for? The great thing about both this visit and Tiffini's visit, is that we kinda got the best of two worlds. Both visitors had a really great set up at super fun resorts, so we got to go swimming and explore there, but we also got to come home and relax and grill in the backyard while the kids ran from room to room.

Needless to say we did tons of swimming, but we also managed to fit in so much more. Shopping, eating out, a morning at the trampoline park, and another morning at the Phoenix Children's museum. I think it was heaven for the kids, and they were the cutest group of cousins you ever did see.

Piiiiiiiiiiiiicture overlaod.

Swimming. Five kiddo's and two mama's made for some very interesting pool days...but the kids did great! Huge points to Nashy and Johnny for being the easiest, most chill babies ever!

I think the Children's Museum was Rae's favorite part about the weekend. She still brings it up on a regular basis and it's been like 3 months. It was the perfect place to take the kiddo's and let them explore and do their thing together!
^Grey was IN HEAVEN with his little grocery....their faces when he scored some chocolate milk! I died!^
^Leah made quite the darling cashier!^
^Raegan may or may not aspire to be a hot dog vendor when she grows up now....^

The trampoline park!!!! This was the perfect energy outlet for those three kiddo's, and again, Johnny and Nash enjoyed coming along for the ride!

You can't get together with cousins without......iiiiiiicccccccceeeeeeeee cream!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, a couple little shopping adventures! Kinda crazy with 5 kids in tow, but still a blast!

These two.....they literally ran back and forth through the house over and over laughing and shouting, "WE TWO SUPERMANS!" Over and over and over. It was so darling! 

There's something super magical about seeing your siblings as parents and watching your kiddo's playing together. I can't even tell you how many thousands of hours Leah and I played pretend growing up, and to see our own kids playing pretend together now, it's pretty cool and amazing and unbelievable all at the same time.

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