Friday, July 03, 2015

the tyers take AZ!

Less than 48 hours after we got home from our East Coast trip, my sister from Atlanta flew into town with her whole little family. To say we were excited would be a major understatement. We spent the long weekend with them, and even though we had to work around naps and early betimes (and a two hour time difference), we spent as much time with them as we possibly could.
I keep catching myself sighing and throwing my head back as I type this, because ohman it was just so much fun. We scheduled our days completely around the kids....letting them just hang out and do their thing! We swam at their resort the majority of the time. I'm kinda bummed because this was right before Rae really got confident and comfortable in the water, so she really wasn't much fun IN the pool. But the cousins had fun exploring and playing anyways. At one point Rae and Pip played with the ice water and cups for like at leeeaaaast an hour. The Phoenician was seriously a little paradise for us! So gorgeous and the perfect little stay-cation.

We spent a couple evenings at our house too, grilling and hanging out in the backyard. The weather really pulled through for us and it couldn't have been more beautiful. I'll never forget watching those three kiddo's running around together, Colston in his superman costume, and Pip and Rae both as princesses. It was the sweetest thing and kind of everything you want for your kids and their cousins!
^Miss Pip....the sweetest big cousin!^
^iiiiiiiccccceeeee cream! with sprinkles!!!^ (and matching girls!)
this kid....i'm so heart-eyes for him!

We got to celebrate easter together on our last day and it was such a treat! The easter bunny even came and left easter eggs in the backyard, which made the kids squeal with delight. Afterwards we all sat together and delved into the goodies!
okay, can i just say how much this cracked me up....there was no way we were going to get a good pic with 4 kiddos.

This next set of pictures....are up there on my 'favorite pictures ever' list. I heart just melts!

Garrett and I are still talking about how much fun we had hanging out with Tiffini and John, the delicious food we had, and really just how blessed we are when it comes to family. And all the kids got along so great! It was such a sad goodbye, but also so sweet knowing that these sweet cousins had made such fun memories!

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