Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vegas, baby!

A few weeks ago we jumped in the car for a suuuuper last minute getaway to V E G A S, baby! We had been itching for a little break from real life, so as soon as we had a reasonable excuse to skip town, we jumped on it!

It all worked out quite perfectly because our air conditioning broke the evening before we left. After sleeping in our 92 degree house, with a gazillion fans blowing, we were more than anxious to leave once the sun finally came up! We forgot about the broken A/C and headed out for a quick little adventure.

We stayed in the Excalibur Hotel....and can I just say, Rae was in heaven! Not only that, but the New York, New York hotel was right across the street and they have a "Statue of Litabree." Rae has been obsessed ever since we saw it in New York back in March! Actually, I'm pretty sure the Vegas Statue of Liberty is the one that she'll remember more than the original in NYC.....not sure that's what we wanted, but what can ya do?! We got ourselves some shake shack, explored Crystals, and watched the Bellagio fountains.

Our number one reason for going to Vegas was to meet up with a bunch of our long-time friends that we haven't seen in forever. We reminisced on our good ol' days in Provo, our summer adventures galavanting around the country, and of course the memories of intramural sports and denny's traditions. And then the conversations turned to our kiddo's, pregnancies, birth, jobs, houses, 401k's, and all the jazz of being true adults. When the heck did that happen?!

It was a blast to see our kids playing together, all while catching up on our separate lives all around the country. Sure wish we lived closer to these good people!

^because road trips with that boyfriend of of my very favorite things in the whole world!^

Also, just a side note: When we got back into town, our house was a whopping 97 degrees inside. 97!!!! Luckily we had an A/C guy meet us as we pulled into town and it was a pretty easy fix, thank goodness! 

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