Monday, August 03, 2015

Adventures in Idaho

Yesterday I was thinking about all the little trips we've been on in the past year, and my gosh, it has been such a fun and exciting year for us! Atlanta, Utah, Idaho, California, New York, New Jersey, about spoiled! I have loved every second of exploring with this little family of mine!

Last month we made our way to Idaho for the second (third?....fourth?!) time in the last year. Now, I love Arizona. So much. But Idaho will always feel like home to me. It is such a special place and it's the biggest treat to get to go back multiple times a year. Mostly because so many people that we love are there.

The kids and I flew up early, like always, to get in a few extra days with family (and to get out of the AZ heat). We started off with my family, and then spent the last half of our time with the Frames celebrating Miss Madelyn and her perfect little wedding. Can I just start with that since it was like, to die for!?

Mads and Brett have the sweetest love's one that is so obviously meant-to-be and divinely orchestrated, it's crazy! This wedding was a long time coming and when it was finally here, I could hardly believe it. I woke up super early a few days before the big day to help them take some bridals. It was like 5:30 in the morning and Mads walked down the stairs all dressed up and glowing and I literally burst into tears. I think I cried probably 80 separate times in the following 4 days...but all happy tears!

People in love. It'll get me every time. And so special to see someone you love be IN LOVE. Brett is such a great guy and he fits right in the family! We can't wait to spend more time with them together in the coming years!

Rae got to be a flower girl, and can I just say, ohmygosh! That girl is so stinking cute. She's never been much of a dancer, but when the dance party broke out, she was getting down to the music. She was spinning and jumping and raising the roof like a mad woman! At one point she jumped up, kicked her feet in front of her and landed right on her butt....on the concrete dance floor. It couldn't have felt good, but the whole crowd cheered and clapped so she just got right back into it. It was so dang hilarious!

You guys, it was a goooood day. It was a good week! I mean, anytime Rae and Charlie are together, it's pretty much a guaranteed success. The weather was amazing, the food was delicious, and we just got to spend time with the fam. I couldn't ask for anything else.

And. Now for pictures. Because there's nothing I love more than wedding pictures!

^the frame gang, minus elder nathan in california!^
^these people of mine...i'm so in love^
^obligatory big brother-litter sister pic. i love it!^
^uncle davis just melts my heart left and right with the way he treats Rae....he's a good one.^
^um yes, this pictures makes me cry^
^getting into it!^
^raising the roof, baby!^
^literally in my top 5 favorite pictures of all time^^^^
^even though it was Mads special day, she made Rae feel so special as a flower girl! Rae still talks about it nonstop^
^quite worn out after a long day^

K. This picture right here. Can I just say. This is a pretty accurate view of how I see my baby girl....with all my hopes and dreams for her, and all her amazing potential. So much cheesy stuff. But just look at it. I mean. How is she mine?!

I've still got a bit more to say about our little Idaho getaway, but I'll end here for now. Those kids of mine sure aren't going to make lunch for themselves.....

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