Sunday, September 06, 2015

broken glass jars

So, ya know that concept that you see so often portrayed in shows or movies....the one where the family has a glass jar, and they label it with something like "new kitchen table," and they slowly fill it with all their pennies. Then just when it's almost full...their car breaks down, and wa-bam, they smash the glass jar and use all that money to fix it. Which, first of all, why does it have to be so dramatic? I'm pretty sure most of my jars have lids on I could just unscrew it and dump the money out. Maybe the jar-smashing is really more out of emotion than necessity? Which, okay then, I can totally understand.

Regardless, this seems to be the story of our lives right now.

For the sake of reading this back in a few years and laughing, because, I'm probably definitely making a bigger deal out of this than it really is....BUUUUUT:
Just this summer:
-our a/c went out twice. neither bill was cheap.
-one trip to the ER.
-the sprinklers broke.
-car expenses.
-and just today, as I type, there's a small flood under our kitchen sink.

It all works out, and right now I'm just really thankful for our savings. But my goodness, there are just so many things I'd rather have spent that money on.
Like seriously...

Dear House,
Don't you understand that I just so badly want to make you beautiful?! I want to fill you with beautiful and wood tables, rugs and pretty couches. I want to cover your ugly green walls and refinish your scratched wood floors. So so badly I want to give you a little makeover. And I could, if you would just stop breaking all the time! House, I could make you so beautiful! You are darling, and your potential is sky high. But you have to hold yourself together for one dang second first! Please! I beg of you!

But seriously.

Right now there are 12 paint samples on the walls of our living room. Painting was my anniversary gift this year...which literally was exactly what I wanted. But it's possible that those paint swatches might have to double as art for the next few weeks. We'll see.

On the bright side, I kind of married the coolest guy ever who magically knows how to fix everything. There's a big ol' handy-man hidden beneath all that engineer. If he doesn't know how to fix it, he learns how. And I love him dearly for it. Reminds me so much of my Dad (and his, too), and it makes me smile every time.

Anyways, I feel like this post started out completely mopey, but really, I'm in quite good spirits. I think I've learned that it's totally pointless to sweat $$$ when it comes to the stuff you have no control over. It's not like we could have lived without A/C, or a kitchen faucet, or Garrett's it is what it is....and what it is is whatever. If that makes sense.

Happy Saturday to you!

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