Thursday, September 17, 2015

my baby is O N E

Well. Johnny is one.

No longer my teeny little baby.
....okay, you're right, he was never very teeny.

But, now he's on the cusp of toddler-hood and I'm over here like whhhhaaaaa?!

That kid.

He's kind of the best ever.
We are so obsessed with him, it's totally ridiculous.

Looking back, it's been a crazy year.

That kid kept things exciting for the first 6ish months of his life, and then he finally settled down and decided to give us a little break.

Not gonna lie, the first few months were kind of a disaster. I was trying my best to figure out the whole '2 kids' gig, and he wasn't exactly making it easy. From my recovery from hell, to his dairy intolerance, and trying to out breastfeeding (with no diary). Plus, him waiting 5 looooong months to sleep through the night, his pretty severe cradle cap and then eczema, and don't forget his rather crooked head. It was overwhelming. In his defense, the kid was easy-tempered....but still very high-maintenance.

And then suddenly! We were done breastfeeding (yay ice cream!), the helmet worked its magic, his skin cleared, and he was like the most scheduled napper/sleeper ever.

Through it all, we've been completely smitten with that kid and his chubby little self.

On top of all that, Johnny has started off as quite the adventurer. He's traveled to Idaho (twice), California, the Pacific Ocean & Disneyland, New York City, New Jersey & the Atlantic Ocean, PLUS  had multiple visitors from Idaho, Utah, Texas and Georgia!

He is adored by all who know him.

He has such a special spirit, and I know that there are grand things in store for him!

Can't forget,
First Year Stats:
Birth: 10lbs. // 21.3in (90%)
7 Weeks: 13lbs15oz (off the % charts) // 23.5in (84%)
9 Weeks: 15lbs (off the % charts) // ---
4 Months: 17lbs (89%) // 27in (off the % charts)
7 Months: 19lbs14oz (76%) // 27.8in (78%)
9 Months: 22lbs4oz (74%) // 29.5in (84%)
12 Months: 24lbs4oz (72) // 30.5in (75%)
Johnboy was born on September 11th, which has given us the unique opportunity to put our focus on the hero's of that tragic day. We remembered them and their bravery, and we are happy to celebrate them and our great country along side our little birthday boy each year.
On that same note, Johnny was named after his Great Grandpa Frame, who also served our country. One of our most prized possessions is Grandpa John's burial flag. We hang it proudly in Johnny's room, and it felt extra special to look at it displayed alongside all Johnboy's balloons and presents on such a special day in history.

We spent the day opening presents and smothering Johnny in one million kisses. We had friends over that night to sing and eat cake and celebrate our one year old! I may have squeezed him a few extra times, pinched his cheeks a little more, and almost-cried once or twice.

That boy. He's a special one and I just love him somethin' fierce.
let's talk for just a sec about how miss rae did lots of extra chores so she could buy john-john a birthday present with her own money. girlfriend made us so proud. she picked out the cutest tool-set and handed the cashier all her dollars. she even helped me wrap it! 


  1. Your kids are so darling! I love looking at all your pictures!


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