Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Rae turns 3

Do I even dare blog about the day my little tiny baby babe turned three years old?! I can hardly even believe it. 


That's like kid-status, you guys. Not a baby anymore. Is that even still technically a toddler? It is, but it's on the upper end of the group...which is like so devastating to me for some reason.

I just don't know when that happened.

Honestly, if I could relive Rae's first three years over and over and over again, I would do it a million-trillion times. That girl has been the biggest joy in my life.

In Garrett's words, it was a "very sentimental" week for me as I reminisced on Rae's pregnancy, birth, and her first three years of life. I guess, for me, it also feels like a celebration of parenthood, since she's the one that gave us our title of mom and dad. And on top of that, she is just so sweet and so beautiful and the world is forever a better place because of her presence in it. When she was born, I could have never imagined just how amazing this journey would be.

She definitely inherited her love/obsession with birthdays from me. I swear she was counting down for weeeeeeeeks. And literally, the night before, I could hardly sleep.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday, her response alternated between 'a big slinky' and 'just some birthday cake!' Don't worry, she got both.

She also got a cute little kitchen from Garrett and I. Even before she got it, she would spend her days making me all kinds of imaginary meals....Mostly oatmeal and ice cream :). About a week before, our friends gave us this awesome jungle gym/tunnel/slide play-pen for our backyard. All Rae wanted to do with it was pretend it was a kitchen. Haha....we were dying. A few days before her birthday, Garrett and I stayed up late putting it together. Well, mostly Garrett. I handed him the screwdriver once or twice. That alone was kind of a surreal moment for me. Watching my guy put together the cutest pink kitchen for our little girl. I love this little life of ours.

The best present of all though, had to be the fact that Mimi got into town just in time for her big day. She arrived late-late the night before, so when Rae woke up on her birthday, it was the biggest treat!

It was a great day filled with balloons, birthday pancakes, presents, quality time with Mimi, delicious birthday cake, face-timing those we love, and lots and lots of birthday kisses. It was a perfect day!

A little bit about Rae at 3 years old, just for my sake (don't even read this unless you're prepared to roll your eyes and call me braggy....I warned you) ::::
-She loves Johnny with all her heart and is the sweetest big sister! She definitely has her moments where she gets a bit possessive of her toys, but she's learned to 'trade,' which she's gotten really good at. She's always watching out for him and trying to make sure he doesn't get into trouble (which is a tough job because he's into everything). When he's sad, she'll often stop what she's doing and try to hug him while saying, "Don't worry Johnny, I'm here, I'm here." Usually he doesn't quite want her 'here' but it's sweet nonetheless :).
-She started preschool 5 days before her birthday. She's got a few anxieties when it comes to...well, life...but so far she is loving it. It's been so good for her independence and social skills.
-She's a great talker...our full conversations and her understanding of big words/concepts still takes me by surprise. Listening to her express her thoughts is so entertaining, often hilarious!
-She loves all things girly....dress up, princesses, babies, shoes, baking, etc!
-She is obsessed with the 'Statue of Litabree." We saw the real one and a cool lego one in NYC this year, and then in Vegas we saw a big replica, plus a smaller chocolate one at the hershey store. All the time we'll find Rae standing very still with one arm folded across her chest, and the other raised in to the sky, as if she's the Statue of Liberty. It's hilarious!
-She loves to run, jump, do summersaults, dance, spin, climb, and slide.
-She's still taking 2 hour naps consistently, and she's still sleeping from 8:30 to 8:30.
-She is my biggest helper. She's always willing to throw a diaper in the trash, or help me find something. She loves to help me make cookies, and she's a really fast 'cleaner-upper.' She hasn't quite gotten to the point where she gets that helping mom isn't the most fun, so if I ever ask her to stop playing for a sec to help me with something, she always happily does it.
-She learned how to swim this summer! She loves to jump in from the side, pop up, and kick back to the side. If she's feeling really brave she even jumps off the diving board and swims to the side without a tube or noodle. I'm so proud of her for being brave and becoming such a good swimmer!
-On top of swimming lessons, this year she took a gymnastics class, a sports class, and a dance/ballet class. Her favorite was probably the gymnastics.
-We attended more story-time's at the library than I can even count...often twice a week!
-Half the time she is very into the "I can do it by myself" phase, and the other half, she's totally helpless and begs us to help her with the easiest tasks.
-While she is so so sweet, she has definitely had a couple phases this year where her defiant side came out. Screaming "NO!"at the top of her lungs, or flat-out telling us that she planned on making 'bad choices at church today." ;)
-Grandma & Grandpa, and Mimi & Papa are easily her favorite people in the whole world, and she always makes sure to mention them in her prayers each night.

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