Thursday, October 15, 2015

Idaho with the Enzlers

Every time we visit Idaho, things get a liiiiiitle bit crazy with all the family to see and cousins to play with. My brother Kyle lives there, so I always plan to stay with him for a couple days soak up some time with his beautiful family. And then my parents, seeing that 5 grandchildren will be in one place, find a way to be there as well. And then usually, Leah, living just a drive away, can't resist an opportunity to see so much family at once, so she joins the party too. It always turns into a mini family reunion and it's kind of my favorite ever.

This past June was no different. We just had a small window together, but we packed in the fun! 7 adults, and 8 grandchildren (three of which are under a year)! It felt like a circus at times....but who doesn't love the circus?!

We did snow cones at the splash pad, pizza night, mini hikes by the river, softball games, and jumped on the tramp as much as we could possibly manage....I don't know how Rae's legs didn't fall off by the end of the trip.

Just like any trip with cousins, it was full of the happiest moments. I grew up craving cousin-time as a kid, and it makes me so happy to know that my kiddos will do the same. On both sides of the family, Rae and Johnny are blessed with the best cousins ever. And spending as much time with them as possible is pretty much our top priority.

Anyways, I know I'm waaaaay late posting these, so I'm just gonna throw a million pictures at'cha starting NOW!

It's not a trip to Eagle without an evening at the gazebo & snow shack!

One morning we started off our day with a little hike around the boise river! The kids were in HEAVEN!
^ possibly my fav pic of the trip! ^ 

And then of course, endless hours of reading, jumping on the tramp, swimming, and just enjoying family time!

Oh, Idaho, you hold the vast majority of my very favorite memories!

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