Monday, October 26, 2015

when best friends save the day

Well, we made it to mid-October and the weather has started to tease us with cooler temps. I swear my mood is twice as high when we get these little reminders of what's to come. Oh's a good thing you're so perfect for 8 months of the year, because these last four months have been a doozy.

Remember my post a little bit ago about our broken sink? Well, 6 days after that, G Frame totaled his car. In his defense, it didn't take much to total the Green Machine, but still...such a bummer. It happened to be on Johnny's birthday too, so.....eek! Garrett was on his way to work, and his call woke me up. I'll tell ya what, waking up that way is not very fun...and extremely hard to bounce back from. Thankfully everyone was totally fine and the car is still running which has given us a longer window to get a new one. We haven't gotten the bill from the insurance company yet, pray for us.
Honestly, we've driven back and forth across the country like 50 times, and never once have we gotten a ticket or been in an accident. So both of us were kinda like...well, it was bound to happen sometime. And it wasn't like Garrett was being reckless or anything. Everyone slammed on their brakes and he just didn't have enough room to stop. So, we'll survive.

A week after that, our water heater died. And in order to save a few hundred dolla, we literally lived without cold water for a week. First world problems though, amiright?!

During that week without hot water, I dislocated my tailbone. Wouldn't recommend it.

Looking back at Johnny's helmet, plus all the unexpected medical, house, car, & life expenses that came up this goodness it's been an expensive year. Which can be super depressing if I think about it too long. So, I don't :).

Instead I try to think of the time my bff showed up [all da way from idahoooo] at my front door with balloons and Zupas and endless hugs. Literal highlight of my life.

I was doing dishes at my kitchen sink, when I saw 4 little balloons bouncing by my window. I peeked over the edge and saw the cutest blonde head walking past.....I don't know how, but I instantly knew it was Tyler. I ran to the front door, and there before me, was Jen, Tyler, Abby, and Avery, in the flesh!!! You guys, it was a good moment. A really really good moment.

We hugged a million times, stuffed our faces with Zupas, and caught up on all the little details of our lives. I think it had been something like 14 months since we'd seen each other, so the stories were endless.

We spent the next few days watching the kids play, swim, and run in the sprinklers, while we just chatted and laughed and ate and hugged, in that order, on repeat.

At the end of day 2, all the kids were barfing from the same bug, but even that didn't dull the experience.

It was the best weekend, with the best company, and the best memories.

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