Thursday, November 19, 2015

a little frame fam reunion!

Last weekend, Garrett's uncle got married! Which was so exciting 1. because, well, he got married! and 2. because all the Frames came to town!

I can't even tell you how happy it makes me when people come visit us.
I  L O V E Arizona, but I wish it were a tad closer to our families.
So when they come, I feel like I'm in my happiest happy place!

We had 6 days filled to the brim with all things good!

Instead of documenting everything day by day, I'm just gonna go over the highlights as each of us saw them.

First of all, the highlight winner of the weekend was obviously Uncle Jordon's wedding. We love him and we probably love Michele and her kiddos even more. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and all the gorgeous little details and decorations were perfect. Aside from my grumpy kids, it was a perfect evening of celebration and love. Only the photographer got pics of the bride and groom, and I don't have any of those, but the rest of us had a dandy time posing in front of the camera too. Seriously love these people.

Rae's favorite part of the weekend was hitting up the Children's Museum with Charlie. We were lucky enough to snag an extra day with the Packer gang on each end of the weekend, and we soaked up every second we could. Before the rest of the fam got into town, we made our way to downtown Phoenix and let the kids go crazy at the Children's Museum. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but just know, they had a blast.

Garrett's favorite part of the weekend was Friday afternoon, playing at the park. Mads, the last one of the group, had just arrived and we all spent an hour or two catching up in the sunshine while the kiddos played. I have 50 snapshots in my head of this outing alone. I got actual snap-shots of most moments, but some were too sweet to waste by fiddling with my camera.
Rae and Charlie playing 'follow the leader' all around the park...across the concrete wall, up the ladders, and down the slides. Those two seemed to be inseparable all weekend.
Sweet Ollie getting passed from person to person, never breaking a smile even though I'm sure he was smothered in kisses from the lot of us.
Johnny ditching his original feet-first method of sliding......this is when he started going down head-first. He 'wheeeee'd' the whole way down, and then whine to do it again.
At one point Garrett and Grandpa were pushing Rae and Johnny on the swings. Garrett started doing under-dog's to Rae, and her squeals echoed through the playground.
Laren teaching Char to throw a frisbee, and his delight as it flew through the air.
The moment Rae spotted Auntie Mads, followed by their sweet embrace.
Grandma following behind a wobbly Johnny, cheering as he walked, but ready to catch him if he stumbled.
Charlie asking to slide down the pole, but then not really following through when it came down to it. That kid is hilariously cute.

My favorite part of the weekend was the time we spent at home, just hanging out together. We left the Italian soda bar out all weekend, we ate yummy food, and had the funniest conversations....all the while, Rae and Charlie chased each other throughout the house and jumped on all the beds. Talk about perfect. I feel like, in general, the best conversations happen at night, and I think that holds true with the Frame gang too. As each night went on, the conversations got funnier and funnier, and we found ourselves cry-laughing more than once. The only pictures I have to show for it are of Rae and Charlie, surprise surprise....but can you blame me?

Johnboy's favorite part of the weekend had to be our little outing to the trampoline park. That kid had us all cracking up with how much he loved those trampolines. There were tons of big kids jumping, and my momma heart almost leapt outta my chest, but he would just put his head down and crawl/plow through everyone! He was seriously being bounced all over the place....but he loved every second. I was so happy to have caught a pic of the expression he had literally the whole time we were there.....determination, joy, and a little crazy!
We've gone here once before, and Rae was a bit of a scaredy-cat when it came to the big slides (in her defense, it's dark and covered with a ginormous super scary alligator), but brave Charlie jumped right in, and when Rae saw all the fun he was having, she relaxed and had a blast too.
James, Garrett, and Davis all got big-kid passes and had fun on the dodgeball court, basketball court, in the foam pit, and doing crazy jumps on the long trampolines.

As you can see, you guys, it was a reeeeaaaally good weekend! And now we're just looking for another excuse to see everyone again ASAP!

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