Sunday, November 15, 2015


It's Sunday afternoon.
And it's raining.
And I've got a mug of hot apple cider beside me.
What more could I ask for?

Oh man, you guys, life has been cah-razy lately. I don't think G and I have had a spare hour together to just do nothing for like weeks. Or if we did, we were too exhausted to really enjoy it.

But then this weekend happened and it was awesome and I feel like I've got a perma-smile on because of it.

Garrett had a half-day on friday, as usual, so we kinda spent that day just hanging out and being together. It was nothing special and totally special all at the same time.

The real highlight of the weekend was Saturday though. We woke up early, stuffed our bellies with donuts, and went off on an A D V E N T U R E with friends.

One of the best parts of Arizona is that you can drive just 45 minutes away and feel like you're in another world. One second we were seeing cactus and desert, and the next, green pine tree's and patches of snow.

Our gang included two 4-wheelers and a ranger packed with smiling cheeks and little giggles. We rode past the quaintest little cabins, through forested hills with views that took our breath away. I got to ride in the ranger with Sarah and the little kids. Chatting with her and hearing Lucy and Rae's giggles in the background might have been my favorite part.

It took us nearly 4 hours before we found the sweetest little gem of a town, right in middle of the mountains. I seriously felt like I pulled into a movie....a mill, chapel, and general store, all in a row, and the friendliest home-towners all around.

I found that my motion-sickness got the best of me as soon as we stopped, but after a little barf-break in the trees, I was feeling fine. I couldn't help but laugh when I turned around to see most of the Lees' standing there smiling/laughing at me, waiting for me to be done. Leave it to me to throw up on every adventure we go on :).

We found the cutest little saloon and ordered ourselves some of the best brisket and burgers I've ever had. I'm not kidding you guys, it was amazing. Maaaayyybbeee it was the fresh-piney air that we breathed all day, but it was really really really good.

We wandered around until we found some Dramamine and some fudge, and then we rode out.

Rae got to ride on the 4-wheeler with Garrett for a bit, and then she took a turn in the front seat of the ranger which was such a delight. We were proud of her bravery and sweetness all day, but this moment was especially fun. She literally giggled and squealed on every little hill. I would be talking with Sarah or enjoying the view, and I would hear her little voice through the wind, "This is fuuun! I liiiike sitting in the front!"

The sun went down, so we floored it back to the cars. I'm not kidding when I say that we were all freeeeeezing, but somehow still not miserable. We even saw two wild boars- they cut right in front of us on the Ranger.

It was a really good day, you guys.

And for just a second, I gotta mention how much we love these friends of ours. I don't know why or how, but we've been so lucky to meet some of the greatest people here in Arizona. I'm talking, top notch. Hitting the trail with them, laughing the whole time, flowing conversations, and just exploring this pretty little state we was such a joy. Last night when my head hit the pillow, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed for the perfect day we had with such great company.
Adventuring is one of my favorite things to do. I don't know why we don't do it more....I guess real life gets in the way of that. But then, when we actually get out there and adventure, I'm always like, "WHY DON'T WE DO THIS EVERY DAY?!!!!" The smell of the pine tree's, being surrounded my nature, the interesting people you get to meet. Sign me up, you guys. I'm in!

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